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Guyana Shipping Act (Cap. 49:01).

Type du document
1998 (2006)
Source d'origine
Laws of Guyana.
Titre complet
An Act to provide for the regulation of ships, and the property therein and owners thereof, the behaviour of the maters and mariners and their respective rights, duties, and liabilities as regards the carriage of passengers and goods by ships, collision between ships, salvage, rights, liabilities, claims, contracts and matters arising in respect of ships and for matters connected therewith and incidental thereto.
Environnement gén., Pêche, Mer
Mot clé
Pollution de la mer Navire de pêche Enregistrement Collecte de données/déclarations Marquage/identificacion Navigation Responsabilité/indemnisation Cour/tribunaux Infractions/sanctions
Aire géographique
Amazone, Amériques, Amérique latine et Caraïbes, Atlantique Nord, Petits états insulaires en développement, Amérique du Sud
Entry into force notes
The Act shall enter into force on a date as the Minister may appoint.

The 456 sections of this Act are divided into 21 Parts: Preliminary (I); Administration of this Act (II); Restriction on trading (III); Registration and licensing of ships and proprietary interest in ships (IV); National character and flag (V); Manning of ships and certification of seafarers (VI); Engagement and welfare of seaman (VII); Ship’s log books (VIII); Prevention of collisions and navigational safety (IX); Safety of life at sea (X); Load lines (XI); carriage of bulk cargos and dangerous goods (XII); Seaworthiness of ships (XIII); Wreck and salvage (XIV); Passenger ships (XV); Limitation and divisions of liability (XVI); Court of survey (XVII); Inquiries and investigations into marine casualties (XVIII); Legal proceedings (XIX); Miscellaneous (XX); final and transitional provisions (XXI).

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