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Fisheries and Marine Resources (Import of Fish and Fish Products) (Amendment) Regulations 2016 (GN No. 34 of 2016).

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Government Gazette of Mauritius No. 21 of March 2016.
Alimentation et nutrition, Pêche
Mot clé
Gestion et conservation des pêches Aquaculture Maladie des poissons Poissons cartilagineux Débarquement Pêche maritime Pêche étrangère Santé des animaux Hygiène/procédures sanitaires Contrôle de qualité alimentaire/innocuité des produits alimentaires Produits de la pêche Commerce international Autorisation/permis Certification Normes Résidus Toxicité/empoisonnement Enregistrement Transport/dépôt Emballage/étiquetage Traçabilité/traçage du produit Inspection Infractions/sanctions Codex Alimentarius
Aire géographique
Afrique, Afrique Orientale, Océan Indien, Petits états insulaires en développement

These Regulations amend the Fisheries and Marine Resources (Import of Fish and Fish Products) Regulations 2012 dealing with health, hygiene and quality standards for imported fish products. They, among other things; amend the definition of "traceability", add definitions of "biotoxins", "CITES", "Codex Alimentarius", and "contaminant"; modify the conditions for import of fish; provide with respect to registration with the Permanent Secretary as a trader. A health certificate issued by the Competent Authority shall be as specified in Codex Alimentarius or as the Permanent Secretary may determine. As for requirements for fish originating from aquaculture, aquaculture establishments shall operate in a responsible way and comply with the recommendations of the FAO Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries in order to minimise any adverse impact on human health and the environment, including any potential ecological changes. No fish shall contain residues of veterinary drugs above the maximum residue limits specified in the Codex Alimentarius. Every fish or fish product imported into Mauritius shall be properly labelled to indicate, among other things, the fishing area or FAO fishing zone. A fishery Inspector may verify if there is evidence that the fish is originating from illegal, unreported or unregulated fishing.

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Fisheries and Marine Resources (Import of Fish and Fish Products) Regulations 2012 (GN No. 27 of 2012).

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Mot clé: Pêche maritime, Gestion et conservation des pêches, Transformation/manutention, Maladie des poissons, Poissons cartilagineux, Pêche étrangère, Santé des animaux, Hygiène/procédures sanitaires, Contrôle de qualité alimentaire/innocuité des produits alimentaires, Produits de la pêche, Commerce international, Autorisation/permis, Certification, Normes, Résidus, Toxicité/empoisonnement, Enregistrement, Transport/dépôt, Emballage/étiquetage, Traçabilité/traçage du produit, Inspection, Infractions/sanctions, Codex Alimentarius