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Fisheries and Marine Resources (Automatic Identification System) Regulations (GN No. 116 of 2016).

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Government Gazette of Mauritius No. 47 of 28 May 2016.
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Gestion et conservation des pêches Pêche maritime Équipement Monitorage Collecte de données/déclarations Haute mer Infractions/sanctions
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Afrique, Afrique Orientale, Océan Indien, Petits états insulaires en développement

These Regulations, made by the Minister under paragraph (E) of section 74 of the Fisheries and Marine Resources Act, provides with respect to the obligation to install and use an Automatic Identification Systems (AIS) by a fishing boat or fishing vessel to which a licence is issued under section 36 of the Act (i.e. a Mauritian vessel used for fishing or any related activity – (a) within the maritime zones; (b) in any fishery on the high seas. Every fishing boat or fishing vessel of not less than 12 metres overall length shall, in addition to any vessel monitoring system, be fitted with such AIS as the Permanent Secretary may approve. There shall be "A" class AIS for vessels over 24 metres in length. Every master of a fishing boat or fishing vessel shall, except where the boat or vessel is anchored in the port of Port Louis or within the lagoon area, operate the AIS, at all times, so that the necessary data are regularly received at the National Coast Guard Operations Room. AIS shall be operated as prescribed by these Regulations. Offences are defined and penalties prescribed. The Schedule sets out performance standards required for the universal AIS.

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