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Energy Act.

Type du document
2014 (2021)
Mot clé
Législation de base Conservation de l'énergie/production de l'énergie Changement de climat Charbon Protection du consommateur Production d'énergie hydroélectrique Inspection Institution Gaz naturel Infractions/sanctions Lutte contre la pollution Protection de l’environnement Énergie renouvelable Développement durable
Aire géographique
Alpes, Europe, Europe et Asie Centrale, Pays de l'Union Européenne, Méditerranée, Europe du Sud
Entry into force notes
This text entered into force on 22 March 2014.

This Act lays down the principles of energy policy, rules of operation of the energy market, methods and forms of implementation of public utility services in the field of energy, principles and measures to achieve security of energy supply, increase energy efficiency and energy saving and increase energy use from renewable sources , determines the conditions for the operation of energy devices, regulates the competencies, organization and operation of the Energy Agency and the competencies of other bodies performing tasks under this Act. This Act transposes certain directives of the European Union into the legal order of the Republic of Slovenia as listed in article 2. This Act also determines the competent authorities for implementation and sanctions for violations of several Regulations of the European Union (see article 3). The purpose of the Act is to ensure a competitive, secure, reliable and accessible supply of energy and energy services, taking into account the principles of sustainable development. The objectives in the field of energy supply and use are in particular: security of energy supply; ensuring effective competition in the energy market; competitiveness in the implementation of non-market activities; efficient energy conversion; reduction of energy use; efficient use of energy; energy efficiency; greater production and use of renewable energy sources; transition to a low-carbon society using low-carbon energy technologies; provision of energy services; ensuring social cohesion; protection of consumers as final consumers of energy; ensuring effective supervision over the implementation of the provisions of this Act. The provisions of this Act shall, unless otherwise provided in individual articles, apply to legal persons of public and private law and natural persons performing activities in the following fields of energy activities: refining of oil or petroleum products; storage of gaseous, liquid and solid fuels; transport of energy and fuels through networks; production, extraction, trade and distribution of liquid and gaseous fuels; electricity production; production and distribution of heat for district heating and cooling; operator's activity; supply of electricity, gas or heat; activity of the electricity market operator; trading, representation and mediation on the electricity or natural gas market. Offences and penalties are laid down in articles 489-502.

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