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Disposal Plastic Prohibition Ordinance.

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Ordinance on ban on placing certain single-use plastic products in the market and products made from oxo-degradable plastic.
Environnement gén., Déchets et substances dangereuses
Mot clé
Procédures judiciaires/procédures administratives Mise en application Élimination de déchets Gestion des déchets
Aire géographique
Alpes, Europe, Europe et Asie Centrale, Pays de l'Union Européenne, Mer du Nord, Atlantique du Nord-Est, Europe du Ouest
Entry into force notes
This Ordinance comes into force on 3 July 2021.

This Ordinance applies to products that are entirely or partially made of plastic and are placed in the market regardless if they are used only for packaging. The Ordinance is drafted in light of EU Regulations on impact reduction of certain plastic products on the environment. The Ordinance provides for the prohibition on placing certain plastic products in the market such as cutlery, plates, drinking straws, food container. The Ordinance further provides for administrative offences. The Ordinance consists of 5 Articles as follow: Scope of application (1); Definitions (2); Restrictions of placing on the market (3); Administrative offences (4); Entry into force (5).

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