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Decree № 354 of 26 October 2021 on the adoption of Ordinance on reducing the impact of certain plastic products on the environment.

Type du document
Déchets et substances dangereuses
Mot clé
Lutte contre la pollution Protection de l’environnement Recyclage/réemploi Utilisation durable Gestion des déchets Prévention des déchets
Aire géographique
Mer Noire, Europe de l'Est, Europe, Europe et Asie Centrale, Pays de l'Union Européenne
Entry into force notes
Fully enters into force on 1 January 2022.

This Decree, based on the provisions of the Bulgarian Law on waste management, here adopts the Ordinance on reducing the impact of certain plastic products on the environment. The Ordinance shall determine: 1. measures to achieve a sustainable reduction in the use of certain disposable plastic products (PPEU); 2. the requirements to certain PES; 3. the requirements for marking to certain PES; 4. the measures for bearing extended responsibility by producers of EUSRs and fishing gears containing plastic, as well as their obligations for separate collection and recycling of EUSRs; 5. the responsibility for cleaning the pollution with waste from the EUPM and fishing gear containing plastic; 6. the measures for raising the awareness of the users of certain EUSRs and fishing gears containing plastic. The Ordinance aims to prevent and reduce the impact of certain EUSRs and fishing gears containing plastic on the environment and in particular on the aquatic environment and human health, as well as to promote the transition to a circular economy with innovative and sustainable business models, products and materials for the efficient functioning of the European Union (EU) internal market (including several references to binding EU legislation). The Annex is part of this publication (technical data sheets and indications).

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Law on waste management.

Législation | Bulgarie | 2012

Mot clé: Législation de base, Déchets ménagers, Gestion des déchets, Prévention des déchets, Recyclage/réemploi, Déchets dangereux, Transformation/manutention, Inspection, Infractions/sanctions