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Control of Disposable Plastics Act No.11 of 2019.

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Source d'origine
Supplement to Extraordinary Gazette dated 29th March, 2019.
Titre complet
An Act to make provision for a prohibition on the importation, manufacture, retail of certain disposable plastics, authorize the use of certain types of disposable plastics and provide for related matters.
Environnement gén., Alimentation et nutrition, Déchets et substances dangereuses
Mot clé
Protection de l’environnement Lutte contre la pollution Élimination de déchets Gestion des déchets
Aire géographique
Amériques, Caraïbes, Amérique latine et Caraïbes, Atlantique Nord, Petits états insulaires en développement
Entry into force notes
This Act enters into force on the 1st day of April, 2020.

This Act lays down rules to prohibit the import, distribution, sale and utilization of single use plastic containers, cutlery, straws as well as prohibit the import, manufacture, distribution, sale and use of plastic bags made with a petroleum based resin. The list of exceptions includes bags for garbage, medical use, preservation of food, and a few other uses. This Act allows the import, sale or use of single use plastic containers or cutlery that is labeled and sold as “environmentally sustainable” after obtaining a license from the relevant Minister. In addition, this Act sets out penalties for false or misleading claims related to the environmental sustainability of a product. The provisions of this Act shall not apply to any plastic beverage container referred to in the Returnable Containers Act, Cap. 395A. A Committee will be established to address, monitor and develop plastic pollution prevention programmes; and formulate and implement strategies and programmes to raise public awareness on the pollution created by plastics.

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Amendé par

Control of Disposable Plastics (Amendment) Act No. 60 of 2019.

Législation | Barbade | 2019

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Abrogé par

Control of Disposable Plastics Act No. 8 of 2020.

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