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Construction and Equipment Regulations for Fishing Vessels (No. 61 of 2002).

Type du document
Air et atmosphère, Pêche, Mer
Mot clé
Qualité de l'air/pollution de l'air Émissions Couche d'ozone Lutte contre la pollution Navire de pêche Équipement Certification Inspection Navigation
Aire géographique
Afrique, Atlantique Sud, Afrique Méridionale

These Regulations, made under section 356 of the Merchant Shipping Act of 1951, prescribe requirements regarding the construction and maintenance in good state of fishing vessels. They also concern the safety of fishing vessels and its crew. The Regulations apply to Namibian fishing vessels of 15 metres in length and over. Every fishing vessel is required to hold a certificate in accordance with these Regulations is subject to control and certification by officers duly authorized by the Directorate. Where a certificate has expired or ceases to be valid, the officer carrying out the control must take steps to ensure that the fishing vessel does not proceed to sea. When exercising control over a fishing vessel, all possible efforts must be made to avoid a fishing vessel being unduly detained or delayed, and any fishing vessel unduly detained or delayed, is entitled to compensation for any loss or damage suffered. The Permanent Secretary may exempt any fishing vessel engaged solely in fishing within fifty nautical miles from the coast of Namibia from any of the requirements of these Regulations if he or she considers that the application of the requirements is impracticable and unreasonable. Every fishing vessel must be subject to the surveys specified by these Regulations. Refrigeration systems on a fishing vessel must be designed, constructed, tested and installed in such a way as to take account of the emission of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) or any other ozone-depleting substances from the refrigerant held in quantities or concentrations which are hazardous to human health or to the environment, and must be to the satisfaction of the Directorate.

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