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Bunkering (Marine Environmental Protection) Regulations No. 02 of 2011.

Sri Lanka
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Source d'origine
The Gazette of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka (Extraordinary) No. 1741/19, 19 January 2012, pp. 1A-17A.
Mer, Environnement gén.
Mot clé
Pollution de la mer Infractions/sanctions Navigation Pollution par les hydrocarbures Lutte contre la pollution
Aire géographique
Asie, Asie et Pacifique, Océan Indien, Mer de l'Asie du Sud-Est, Asie du Sud

These Regulations, consisting of twenty-five sections and five Schedules, provide for the International Safety Guide For Oil Tankers and Terminals (ISGOTT) applying to all bunker oil supply facilities, afloat and ashore. They establish that no person shall carry out a bunkering activity in Sri Lanka, except under a valid bunkering licence issued by the Marine Environment Protection Authority in the form specified in the Schedule III specifying that: any person who is carrying out a bunkering activity shall within three months from such date make an application to the Authority in the form specified in Schedule I and obtain a valid Bunkering licence in respect of such activity. Every application for a bunkering licence made under regulation 3 shall be accompanied by the fee stipulated in Schedule V together with the copies of the following documents in relation to each bunker supply vessel or road transporters (bunker) as follows: Certificate of Insurance for pollution liability; Bunker Facility Procedure Manual; Ship Board Oil Pollution Emergency plan (SOPEP); Ships registry trading certificate issued by the Director General of Merchant Shipping and the current Survey Certificate or Certificate of sea worthiness; Bunker Licence issued by the Ministry of the Minister to whom the subject of Petroleum Resources Development is assigned; Valid licence issued by the Department of Motor Traffic authorizing the transport of petroleum products.

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Mot clé: Pollution de la mer, Lutte contre la pollution, Eaux usées/déversement, Érosion, Navigation, Pollution par les hydrocarbures, Responsabilité/indemnisation, Inspection, Accès-à-l'information, Infractions/sanctions