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Administrative Order No. 88-B s. 1984 on labelling of prepackaged Food Products.

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Rules and regulations Governing the labeling of prepackaged Food Products Distributed in the Philippines.
Alimentation et nutrition
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Emballage/étiquetage Procédures judiciaires/procédures administratives Contrôle de qualité alimentaire/innocuité des produits alimentaires Questions de procédures Transformation/manutention Protection du consommateur Fraude
Aire géographique
Asie, Asie et Pacifique, East Asian Seas, Pacifique Nord, Asie du Sud-Est
Entry into force notes
This Regulation enters into force immediately upon approval and publication in the Official Gazette.

This Order establishes the requirements to be met so that prepackaged food shall not be described or presented on any label in a manner that is false, misleading or deceptive or is likely to create erroneous impression regarding its character in any respect. It shall not be described or presented on any label or in any labelling by words, pictorial or other devices which refer to or are suggestive either directly or indirectly, of any other product with which such food might be confused, or in such a manner as to lead the purchaser or consumer to suppose that the food is connected with such other product. Food packages shall have labels that carry the necessary information about the product. For the consumer’s better understanding of the true nature and condition of the food, there shall appear in the label either in conjunction with, or in close proximity to the name of the food, such additional words or phrases, as necessary, to state the type of packing medium, form or style, and the condition or type of treatment it has undergone (e.g. dried, freeze-dried, concentrated, smoke, reconstituted, etc.).

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Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act (Republic Act No. 3720).

Législation | Philippines | 1963

Mot clé: Contrôle de qualité alimentaire/innocuité des produits alimentaires, Institution, Normes, Autorisation/permis, Inspection, Commerce international, Fraude, Aliments pour animaux, Médicaments, Santé des animaux


Amendé par

Administrative Order No. 2014-0030 on Revised Rules and Regulations Governing the Labelling of Prepackaged Food Products.

Législation | Philippines | 2014

Mot clé: Emballage/étiquetage, Procédures judiciaires/procédures administratives, Contrôle de qualité alimentaire/innocuité des produits alimentaires, Questions de procédures, Transformation/manutention