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Competent Authorities, Focal Points, Dumpwatch

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C1 - DEC.12
Sep 4, 2013
Déchets et substances dangereuses
Convention sur l'interdiction d'importer en Afrique des déchets dangereux et sur le contrôle des mouvements transfrontières (Jan 30, 1991)
First Conference of Parties to the Bamako Convention
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The Conference: Recalling Article 5 of the Bamako Convention which requires the Parties to designate or establish one or more Competent Authorities and one Focal Point as well as to inform the Secretariat within three months of the date of entry into force of the Convention of the agencies they have designated as their Competent Authorities and Focal Point; Recalling further that Article 5 requires also the parties to appoint a national body to act as a Dumpwatch with a mandate to co-ordinate with the concerned governmental and non-governmental bodies. Aware of the fundamental role of Competent Authorities, Focal Points and Dumpwatches for the implementation of the Bamako Convention, including the consent or denying of permission for the transboundary movement of hazardous wastes, Also aware of the potential need to provide the necessary training to the Competent Authorities to ensure the effective and efficient use of the Control System associated with the import-export of hazardous wastes, Hereby: 1. Requests Parties which had not yet informed the Secretariat of the designation or establishment of their Competent Authorities, Focal Point and Dumpwatch to do so at the earliest; and 2. Encouraged the Secretariat in collaboration with Parties to seek the necessary funds to convene a regional training workshop for Competent Authorities, Focal Points and Dumpwatches on the use of the control system associated with the Import-Export of hazardous wastes.