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TSE (Wales) (Amendment) (No. 2) Regulations 2005 (S.I. No. 2902 (W.205) of 2005).

Reino Unido
Subdivisión territorial
Tipo de documento
Ganado, Alimentación y nutrición
Palabra clave
Carne Sanidad animal Plagas/enfermedades Matanza Alimentos para animales/piensos
Área geográphica
Islas del Océano Atlántico, Europa, Europa y Central Asia, Atlántico Norte, Mar del Norte, Atlántico Nordeste, Europa Septentrional
Entry into force notes
These Regulations come into force on 19 October 2005.

These Regulations amend the TSE (Wales) Regulations 2002. Amendments are made to certain definitions contained in regulation 3 of the 2002 Regulations. New regulation 10A of and new Schedule 1A to make provision for a regime for the slaughter for human consumption, and testing, of cattle over thirty months of age and new regulation 10B prohibits consignment to a slaughterhouse a bovine animal born or reared in the UK before 1st August 1996. Regulation 23 of the 2002 Regulations is amended to make provision relating to the use of premises for the production of feedingstuffs containing fishmeal. The new regulation 25A contains further provisions about feedingstuffs containing fishmeal and new regulation 25B relates to the submission of samples of feedingstuffs to laboratories. Regulation 33 of the 2002 Regulations is amended to make new provision about the removal of specified risk material from the carcass of a bovine animal slaughtered for human consumption. Regulation 37 is replaced by a new regulation relating to the removal of spinal cord from sheep and goats. Regulation 38 is replaced by a new regulation relating to the stamping of the carcasses of young lambs and goats from which have been removed the spleen and ileum.

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Directive 2001/46/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council amending Council Directive 95/53/EC fixing the principles governing the organization of official inspections in the field of animal nutrition and Directives 70/524/EEC, 96/25/EC and 1999/29/EC on animal nutrition.

Legislación | Unión Europea | 2001

Palabra clave: Alimentos para animales/piensos, Sanidad animal, Inspección, Toxicidad/envenenamiento



TSE (Wales) Regulations 2002 (S.I. No. 1416 (W. 142) of 2002).

Legislación | Reino Unido | 2002

Palabra clave: Plagas/enfermedades, Matanza, Inspección, Acceso-a-la-información, Alimentos para animales/piensos, Sanidad animal


Revocado por

Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathies (Wales) Regulations 2006 (W.S.I. No. 1226 (W.117) of 2006).

Legislación | Reino Unido | 2006

Palabra clave: Sanidad animal, Plagas/enfermedades, Matanza, Inspección, Registro, Autorización/permiso, Alimentos para animales/piensos