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Territorial, Urban and Rural Development Act.

Tipo de documento
Tierra y suelos
Palabra clave
Expropiación Terrenos urbanos Manejo de tierras
Área geográphica
Mar Negro, Europa Oriental, Europa, EUROPA Y CENTRAL ASIA, Países de la Unión Europea

This Act is a comprehensive framework for the development, planning and management of the artificial environment. The Act is divided into eleven chapters and 206 articles. The Ministry of Territorial Development and Construction shall administer and control the activities falling under this Act, such as urban planning, construction and public works. The municipalities shall be the local authorities responsible for these matters. Territorial development plans are regulated in Chapter Two. Chapter Three sets out rules for the development of municipalities and other human settlements with special regard to constructions, public works and permits. The real estate ownership regime relative to urban development is dealt with in Chapter Four. Chapter Five governs the alienation, expropriation and compensation of real properties. Chapter eight provides for the control of the lawfulness and correctness of territorial, urban and rural development activities. State activities concerning territorial development and the supervision of construction works are regulated in Chapter Nine. Administrative and penal provisions are foreseen in Chapter Ten.

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