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Pollution Prevention and Control (Scotland) Amendment Regulations 2004 (S.S.I. No. 110 of 2004).

Reino Unido
Subdivisión territorial
Tipo de documento
Aire y atmósfera, Desechos y sustancias peligrosas
Palabra clave
Emisiones Normas sobre calidad ambiental Normas Protección del medio ambiente Control de la contaminación Sustancias peligrosas
Área geográphica
Islas del Océano Atlántico, Europa, Europa y Central Asia, Atlántico Norte, Mar del Norte, Atlántico Nordeste, Europa Septentrional
Entry into force notes
Coming into force on 31 March 2004.

Schedule 1 to the principal Regulations lists the various activities, in respect of which a pollution prevention and control permit is required. Regulation 2(2)(a) amends the preamble to Chapter 4 of Schedule 1 to the principal Regulations, to ensure that small scale chemical production is excluded from the scope of application of the principal Regulations. Regulation 2(2)(b) (as read with the amendment in regulation 2(3)) amends paragraphs (b) to (f) of Part A of section 4.2 of Schedule 1 of the principal Regulations to ensure that where certain activities are regulated in accordance with any other section of the Schedule, they will not also fall to be regulated under this section. Regulation 2(2)(c)(i) amends section 6.8(c) of Part A of Schedule 1 to the principal Regulations to ensure that a pollution prevention and control permit under the principal Regulations is only required in respect of the slaughtering of animals in slaughterhouses. Regulation 2(2)(c)(ii) amends the definition of ensiling provided at Section 6.8 of Schedule 1 to the principal Regulations. Regulation 2(2)(d) corrects an error in the definitions in Chapter 7 of Part 1 of Schedule 1 to the principal Regulations. This is to ensure that trailers are subject to the correct solvent consumption threshold for vehicle coating activities as set out in the second column of the table in that Chapter, rather than for other types of coating activity, as required by Annexes I and IIA of Council Directive 1999/13/EC on the limitation of emissions of volatile organic compounds due to the use of organic solvents in certain activities and installations.

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