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Planning Regulation 2017.

Subdivisión territorial
Tipo de documento
2017 (2020)
Medio ambiente gen., Tierra y suelos
Palabra clave
EIA Planificación ambiental Manejo de tierras Institución Autorización/permiso Política/planificación Participación pública Gobernanza Infracciones/sanciones Solución de controversias Desarrollo sostenible Pueblos indígenas
Área geográphica
Asia y Pacifico, Australia y Nueva Zelandia, Océano Índico, Oceania, Pacífico Sur
Entry into force notes
This Regulation enters into force on 2 June 2017.

The objective of the Planning Regulation 2017 is to prescribe instruments and address matters provided for under the Planning Act 2016, and provide the mechanics for the operation and implementation of the Act. The Regulation has been developed following an extensive review of State interests and ensures that matters requiring regulation or assessment are consistent with the principles for the review of state interests, as follows: a) State interests are managed through the most appropriate and effective planning tool for delivery; b) the state is accountable for state issues, local issues are a local government matter; c) state involvement in land use planning and development assessment occurs only where it is essential i.e. where a matter is of particular importance, has an unacceptable level of risk, or requires state expertise; d) amendments align with the Planning Act 2016, including a performance based planning focus; e) issues that are beyond the scope of the land use planning and development system under the Planning Act 2016 are addressed by other means. The objectives of the Regulation are to: support the operation and implementation of the Planning Act 2016 by prescribing matters dealt with, and instruments made, under the Act; support key government priorities; transition regulatory provisions from the State Planning Regulatory Provisions made under the repealed Sustainable Planning Act 2009, which are not continued as separate instruments under the Planning Act 2016.

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Palabra clave: EIA, Planificación ambiental, Manejo de tierras, Institución, Autorización/permiso, Política/planificación, Participación pública, Gobernanza, Infracciones/sanciones, Solución de controversias, Desarrollo sostenible, Patrimonio cultural, Pueblos indígenas, Legislación básica