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Order No. D1-228 of the Minister of Environmental Protection validating the Procedure for selecting environmental rehabilitation measures and obtaining prior approval.

Tipo de documento
2006 (2018)
Medio ambiente gen., Tierra y suelos, Agua, Especies silvestres y ecosistemas
Palabra clave
Conservación de suelos/mejoramiento de suelos Contaminación del suelo/calidad Aguas superficiales Aguas subterráneas Contaminación de las aguas dulces Protección del hábitat Autorización/permiso Salud pública Saneamiento de suelos Control de la contaminación Fauna silvestre Flora silvestre
Área geográphica
Europa, Europa y Central Asia, Países de la Unión Europea, Europa Septentrional

Description of the procedure for selecting environmental remediation measures and obtaining prior approval regulates selection and pre-selection of environmental remediation measures and approval procedures. The description of the procedure shall apply when: (a) caused damage is associated with adverse effects on a favorable protected species to achieve or maintain a favorable conservation status for habitats; (b) damage to the ecological, chemical and/or quantitative status of surface water or groundwater condition and/or ecological potential; (c) damage is caused to soil, i.e. contamination of land where the pollutants spread to the surface, penetrated into or below the ground (into subsoil); and (d) damage is caused to the condition of the landscape. If an economic entity causes damage to the land, it must take the necessary measures to ensure that pollutants are contained and removed or reduced soil pollution, in view of its current use and its future use at the time of the damage, so that it no longer represents risk of adverse effects on human health. Such a danger shall be assessed using risk assessment procedures, taking into account the properties and functions of land, the type and concentration of harmful substances, preparations, organisms and micro-organisms, their risks, and dispersal potential.

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Law on Environmental Protection 1992 (No. I-2223).

Legislación | Lituania | 1992 (2015)

Palabra clave: Ley marco, Institución, Planificación ambiental, Registro, Control de la contaminación, Fondo especial, Responsabilidad/indemnización, Política/planificación, Contaminación de las aguas dulces, Ordenación/conservación


Directive 2004/35/CE of the European Parliament and of the Council on environmental liability with regard to the prevention and remedying of environmental damage.

Legislación | Unión Europea | 2004 (2019)

Palabra clave: Responsabilidad/indemnización, Principio contaminador-pagador, Protección del hábitat, Recopilación de datos/informes, Control de la contaminación, Salud pública, Contaminación del suelo/calidad, Contaminación marina, Uso sostenible, Conservación del ecosistema, Contaminación de las aguas dulces, Protecíon de las especies