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Memorandum Circular No. 2010-13 adopting the Manual on Land Survey Procedures.

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Procedimientos judiciales/procedimientos administrativos Institución Monitoreo Acceso-a-la-información Gobernanza Investigación Catastro/registración de tierras Manejo de tierras Levantamiento topográfico/cartografía
Área geográphica
Asia, Asia y Pacifico, Mares del Asia Oriental, Pacífico Norte, Asia Sudoriental
Entry into force notes
This Memorandum Circular shall take effect immediately.

This Circular adopts the Manual on Land Survey Procedures. This Manual consisting of 13 Chapters divided into five Parts and completed by XXVI Annexes, establishises this Manual as a useful reference for Geodetic Engineers and Contractors, Land Management Bureau (LMB), Land Management Services (LMS) in the different DENR Regional Offices, the Local Government Units (LGUs) and other stakeholders as it embodies the updated guidelines on the execution of all types of land surveys taking into consideration the technological advances in recent times. Pursuant to DENR Administrative Order No. 2007-29 dated July 31, 2007, known as the Revised Regulations on Land Surveys, these Land Survey Procedures are issued for the guidance and compliance of all concerned. The Manual is divided as follows: Pre-Survey Activities and Field Operation (on Control Surveys - I); Survey Returns (on Control Surveys Returns - II); Inspection, Verification, and Approval of Survey Returns (III); Miscellaneous (on Surveying Instruments, Forms and Symbols – IV). Annexes specify all related issues.

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Memorandum Circular No. 1 of 2016 amending Section 180.D of the DENR Manual on Land Survey Procedures.

Legislación | Filipinas | 2016

Palabra clave: Procedimientos judiciales/procedimientos administrativos, Acceso-a-la-información, Catastro/registración de tierras, Manejo de tierras, Levantamiento topográfico/cartografía