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Law No. 435-VI “On the prevention and control of non-contagious diseases”.

Tipo de documento
Palabra clave
Salud pública Investigación Protección social
Área geográphica
Asia, Mar Caspio, Asia Central, CEI (Comunidad de Estados Independientes), EUROPA Y CENTRAL ASIA, Países en Desarrollo Sin Litoral, Asia del Norte
Entry into force notes
This Law enters into force on the date of its official publication.

This Law determines the legal, organizational, economic and social basis for the prevention and control of non-contagious diseases. Non-contagious diseases shall be intended a group of health disorders, resulting from a combination of genetic, physiological, environmental and behavioral factors. Prevention of non-contagious diseases shall be intended a set of measures, aimed at preventing the occurrence of non-infectious diseases, elimination of risk factors for their development. This Law applies to citizens of Turkmenistan, and also, unless otherwise provided by law and international agreements of Turkmenistan, to those residing/staying in the territory Turkmenistan foreign citizens and stateless persons. The main directions of state policy in the field of prevention of non-contagious diseases and their control are: (a) creation of necessary conditions for life and health protection of patients with non-contagious diseases; (b) maintaining the necessary social level of vital activity of patients with non-contagious diseases at any age; (c) implementation of healthcare measures, prevention, early identification, treatment and ongoing checkup of individuals at high risk or the likelihood of non-contagious diseases to prevent health complications, reducing the need for inpatient treatment and expensive high-tech interventions, as well as reducing premature mortality; (d) ensuring equal access to the established range of services for healthcare, prevention, treatment and rehabilitation, palliative assistance and a set of basic, safe, affordable, effective and high-quality medicines and medical products in accordance with the legislation of Turkmenistan; (e) implementation of measures to improve the quality of medical care in order to prevent non-contagious diseases; (f) provision of primary specialized healthcare, including medical care on a free or preferential basis, in the order established by the legislation of Turkmenistan; (g) provision of patients affected by major non-contagious diseases with medicines and medical devices for free or preferential basis in the manner prescribed by law of Turkmenistan; and (h) scientific research in the field of forecasting and development of new methods of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of non-contagious diseases. This Law contains V Chapters divided into 21 Articles. Chapter I lays down general provisions. Chapter II regards state regulation and control in the field of prevention of non-contagious diseases. Chapter III establishes organizational basis in the field of prevention of non-contagious diseases. Chapter IV establishes rights and obligations of patients affected by non-contagious diseases, and social protection of medical staff. Chapter V lays down final provisions.

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