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Forestry Act.

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Ordenación forestal/conservación de montes Medidas de protección forestal Bosques demaniales
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Mar Negro, Europa Oriental, Europa, EUROPA Y CENTRAL ASIA, Países de la Unión Europea

This Act sets out provisions for the planning, managing, use and protection of forests and lands of the national forest stock. It aims at increasing the productivity of forests and improving the protection of soil, water and other useful natural elements. All forests and lands of the national forest stock are public property. Forests are divided into two categories: forests for industrial purposes and those for special purposes. The first ones are mainly used for timber production, the second ones are protection forests, recreational forests, green areas, forest reserves, flood plain forestlands, etc., and they are managed with a view to their specific function. The Act prescribes the minimum percentage of forest areas: in mountainous areas and river catchment areas 60%, in hilly areas 25%, and in field areas 5%. The national forest stock is managed by the Ministry of Forests and Forestry. The Supreme Forest Management Board shall be established to discuss the main issues concerning the management, protection and development of forests. National forests shall be managed directly by forest administration who are the local authorities of the Ministry. These administrations are corporate bodies. A forest management plan shall be prepared for each forest stock and shall be approved by the Minister. Timber extraction must be permitted by the local forest administration. Other operational rules, quotas, felling periods, etc. are also governed by this Act. Any construction in forest areas need a permit. This Act gives detailed provisions for grazing in Arts. 27-30. Chapter IV deals with afforestation and soil conservation. Forest administrations shall cover the protection of forests against illegal cutting and pasture and other violation of law, against fire and diseases, insects and other pests. Chapter VI sets out penal provisions (fines and other sanctions) for offenders.

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Law of the Forests.

Legislación | Bulgaria | 1997

Palabra clave: Ley marco, Ordenación forestal/conservación de montes, Medidas de protección forestal, Bosques demaniales, Forestación/reforestación, Erosión, Corte y extracción/explotación forestal, Comercio internacional