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Forest Act.

República Checa
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Photocopy, pp. 1-58.
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Act on Forests and Amendments to some Acts.
Palabra clave
Ley marco Ordenación forestal/conservación de montes Clasificación/declasificación Política/planificación Corte y extracción/explotación forestal Bosques de protección Servicio forestal/oficiales forestales Institución Forestación/reforestación Infracciones/sanciones Autorización/permiso Materiales de propagación/semillas
Área geográphica
Europa Oriental, Europa, EUROPA Y CENTRAL ASIA, Países de la Unión Europea
Entry into force notes
Exemptions are in article 32(8) and article 36 which shall come into force on 1 January 1997.

The purpose of this Act, is to determine conditions for the preservation, tending and regeneration of forests as national riches, to enable the fulfilment off all their functions and to support sustainable forest management. In case of state forests, the rights and duties of the owner of the forest under this Act shall apply to the legal entity which has been entrusted with the management of such forests, unless provided otherwise by this Act. Legal acts required for the management of forests shall be valid only with the previous consent of the Ministry of Agriculture. Forests shall be divided into three classes according their prevailing functions, in particular into protection forests, special purpose forests and commercial forests. Section Two provides for forest preservation, in particular record-keeping and allotment of plots, protection of land assigned for the fulfilment of forest functions, withdrawal of plots of land from forestry and withdrawal fees. Section three deals with the general use of the forest, namely with the prohibition of certain activities in the forests, compensation for damages to forests, safety of persons and property. Preconditions of sustainable forest management are provided for in Section Four. Regional plans of forest development are tools of the state forest policy and recommend the principles of forest management. Forest management plans are instruments of the owner of the forest and are prepared, as a rule, for a period of 10 years. To enable the establishment of the state of the forests and the execution of state administration, forest management guidelines shall be prepared for forests of an area under 50 hectares in the ownership of individuals or legal entities if no plans are prepares for such forests. Guidelines are prepared, as a rule, for a period of ten years. Plans ad guidelines may be prepared only by legal entities or individuals who hold a licence for such activities. Article 28 provides for forest survey to be executed on declaration by the government by way of an order which specifies the extent and method of forest survey. Section Five deals with forestry activities, in particular with reforestation using certified seeds and planting materials, felling and clear cutting, forest protection, timber harvesting, reclamation and torrent control in forests, management in protection forests and special purpose forests. Part Two of Section Five lays down provisions regarding forest managers who may be an individual or a legal entity holding a licence for such activities issued by the relevant state forest administration body in accordance with Section Six of this Act. Section Five provides also for forest wardens and forest management records. Forest owners shall be obliged to keep forest management records to show the compliance with the binding provisions of the plan, and records of forest regeneration carried out in individual stands. Section Six provides for licensing. Promotion of forest management is dealt with in Section Seven. Promotion shall be made by the state through the provision of services or funds. Section Eight regulates state forest administration. It shall be carried out by district offices and the Ministry. The Ministry of Environment shall supervise the compliance by state administration bodies, individuals and legal entities with the provisions of this Act, regulations adopted thereof and decisions adopted on the basis thereof. It shall be entitled to impose measures to eliminate any revealed deficiencies. Section Nine provides for sanctions in case of an offence.

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Czech National Council Act no. 114/1992 on the Protection of Nature and the Landscape.

Legislación | Chequia | 1992 (2023)

Palabra clave: Legislación básica, Biodiversidad, Zona protegida, Fondo especial, Flora silvestre, Conservación del ecosistema, Expropiación, Protecíon de las especies