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Decree of the Minister of the Environment and Territorial Protection: Guidelines for the management of Nature Sites 2000.

Tipo de documento
Especies silvestres y ecosistemas
Palabra clave
Biodiversidad Protección del hábitat Ordenación/conservación Política/planificación Zona protegida Zonificación
Área geográphica
Alpes, Europa, EUROPA Y CENTRAL ASIA, Países de la Unión Europea, Mediterráneo, Europa Meridional

The object of these guidelines is to implement the Community and national strategy intended for the protection of nature and the preservation of biodiversity, in accordance with Directives 92/43/EEC as well as 79/409/EEC. The Community Nature 2000 Net, which is constituted by Special Protection Zones and Sites of a Community Importance, aims at protecting certain areas of a great value from an environmental point of view. The present Guidelines shall be followed in the drafting of the Management Plans of the above-mentioned protected areas. The Regions and the Autonomous Provinces (Trento and Bolzano) are entitled to exercise the legislative and administrative functions relevant to the implementation of the mentioned Community Directives, with the exception of marine areas. The procedure to be followed for drawing up the Management Plans is hereby regulated with full details. Such Plans shall be structured as follows: (a) framework relating to the features of the area concerned; (b) physical description; (c) biological description; (d) socioeconomic description; (e) description of archaeological and cultural values; (f) landscape description.

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Referencias - Legislación


Council Directive 92/43/EEC on the conservation of natural habitats and of wild fauna and flora

Legislación | 1992

Palabra clave: Protecíon de las especies, Conservación del ecosistema, Zona protegida, Biodiversidad, Protección del hábitat, Fauna silvestre, Flora silvestre, Ordenación/conservación, Especies en peligro, Caza/captura, Armas de caza/métodos de caza, Recopilación de datos/informes


Council Directive 79/409/EEC on the conservation of wild birds.

Legislación | 1979

Palabra clave: Pájaros, Caza/captura, Especies en peligro, Ordenación/conservación, Protección del hábitat, Armas de caza/métodos de caza, Protecíon de las especies