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Decision No. 150/2005/QD/TTg approving the national planning on restructuring of agricultural, forestrial and fishery production till 2010 and the vision towards 2020.

Viet Nam
Tipo de documento
Fuente original
Công Báo No. 32-33, 27 June 2005, pp. 30-38.
Agricultura y desarrollo rural, Pesca, Bosques
Palabra clave
Desarrollo agrícola Terrenos agrícolas Comercio internacional Política/planificación Conservación de suelos/mejoramiento de suelos Zona de montaña Manejo y conservación pesquera Investigación Acuicultura Ordenación forestal/conservación de montes Especies forestales
Área geográphica
Asia, Mares del Asia Oriental, Asia Sudoriental
Entry into force notes
The Decision enters into force 15 days after its publication in the Official Gazette.

This Decision establishes the planning on restructuring agricultural, forestry and fishery production in order to raise the income per hectare of cultivated land, create more jobs and increase incomes for the workers in these fields. The planning shall mobilize all resources of various economic sectors in combination with the State's support to ensure efficient and sustainable production and ecological environment safety. Part II lists the development objectives. Orientations of the planning on restructuring agricultural, forestry and fishery production by commodity lines (e.g. land use planning, aquaculture land, food crops, husbandry, forestry, fishery, etc.) is described in detail in part III. Solutions for the positive outcome of this planning are: to materialize the commitments with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) in the field of agriculture, to sign agreements on plant protection and quarantine and animal health with countries which import Vietnamese farm produces; to expand markets for export of agricultural, forestry and fishery products; to raise the efficiency of scientific and technological research and transfer to farmers, fishermen, etc.; to develop infrastructure to meet the requirements of the restructuring plan, etc. Part V lists responsibilities of the Ministries in charge of implementing this Decision.

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Decision No. 124/QD-TTg approving the master plan for agricultural production development through 2020, with a vision toward 2030.

Legislación | Viet Nam | 2012

Palabra clave: Productos agrícolas, Desarrollo agrícola, Política/planificación, Manejo y conservación pesquera, Frutas/nueces comestibles, Control de calidad de los alimentos/inocuidad de los alimentos, Aceites/semillas oleaginosas/grasas, Azúcar, Forestación/reforestación, Ordenación forestal/conservación de montes, Producción animal