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Council Regulation (EC) No. 600/2004 laying down certain technical measures applicable to fishing activities in the area covered by the Convention on the conservation of Antarctic marine living resources.

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Pesca marítima Alta mar Acuerdo internacional-implementación Aparejos de pesca/métodos de pesca Mallas Manejo y conservación pesquera Capturas incidentales Cumplimiento/aplicación Peces cartilaginosos

The present Regulation establishes technical measures concerning the activities of Community fishing vessels which take and keep on board marine organisms taken from marine living resources in the area covered by the Convention on the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources. The Regulation consists of the following five Chapters: (I) Subject matter and definitions; (II) Fishing gear; (III) Conduct of fishing activities; (IV) Scientific observation on board vessels operating in the Convention Area; (V) Final provisions. In addition, the following Annexes are attached: (I) Minimum mesh size; (II) Rules for determining minimum mesh sizes; (III) Detailed description of the streamer line referred to in article 8(5) and method of deployment; (IV) Experimental Protocols for the setting of longlines; (V) Rules concerning by-catches in the fisheries carried out in the Convention Area; (VI) Research hauls in the fishery for champsocephalus gunnari in FAO statistical sub-area 48.3 during the spawning season; (VII) Functions and tasks of scientific observers on board vessels engaged in scientific research or harvesting of marine living resources in the Convention Area.

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