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Council Directive 80/779/EEC on air quality limit values and guide values for sulphur dioxide and suspended particulates.

Unión Europea
Tipo de documento
1980 (1999)
Fuente original
Official Journal L 229, 30 August 1980, pp. 30-48.
Aire y atmósfera
Palabra clave
Control de la contaminación Calidad del aire/contaminación del aire Emisiones
Área geográphica
Pays de l'Union Européenne

This Directive fixes limit values (Annex I) and guide values (Annex II) for sulphur dioxide and suspended particulates in the atmosphere and the conditions for their application in order to improve the protection of human health and the environment. In the zones in which the Member State concerned deems it necessary to limit or prevent a foreseeable increase in pollution by sulphur dioxide and suspended particulates in the wake of development, in particular urban or industrial development, the Member State shall, taking the guide values in Annex II as a reference point, fix values which must be lower than the limit values in Annex I. On the other hand, in zones on its territory which the Member State concerned considers should be afforded special environmental protection, the Member State shall fix values which are generally lower than the guide values in Annex II. The Commission shall be informed thereof. Annex III lays down methods of sampling and analysis.

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Presidential Decree No. 203 implementing Directives 80/779/EEC, 82/884/EEC, 84/360/EEC and 85/203/EEC making provision in matter of air quality as regards specific pollutants, and in matter of pollution caused by industrial plants

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Palabra clave: Calidad del aire/contaminación del aire, Emisiones, Autorización/permiso, Institución, Normas sobre calidad ambiental, Control de la contaminación, Normas, Protección del medio ambiente