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Act amending Czech National Council Act No. 114/92 on the Protection of Nature and the Landscape.

Tipo de documento
Fuente original
Collection of Laws No. 123/2017
Especies silvestres y ecosistemas
Palabra clave
Parques nacionales Biodiversidad Zona protegida Flora silvestre Conservación del ecosistema Protecíon de las especies
Área geográphica
Europa Oriental, Europa, Europa y Central Asia, Países de la Unión Europea
Entry into force notes
This Act enters into force on 1 June 2017.

This Act lays down some amendments and addenda to Czech National Council Act No. 114/92 on the Protection of Nature and the Landscape. In particular the present Act regulates protection of national parks. On the territory of national parks it is forbidden: (a) to place or permit mining works; (b) to define new industrial zones; (c) to establish exploratory sites; (d) mining minerals except for the extraction of building stone and sand for construction on the territory of the national park; (e) to remove waste originating outside the national park; (f) to authorize or carry out the deliberate release of geographically non-native plant species; (g) introducing intensive game management; (h) to change the existing water regime of land; (i) to release animals other than based on approved rescue programs; (j) to place light sources outside the closed objects; (k) to carry out fireworks or use fireworks; (l) to fly except for flights to ensure the safety of the state, protection of persons, property or public order and flights for the needs of nature conservation authorities.

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Czech National Council Act no. 114/1992 on the Protection of Nature and the Landscape.

Legislación | Chequia | 1992 (2023)

Palabra clave: Legislación básica, Biodiversidad, Zona protegida, Fondo especial, Flora silvestre, Conservación del ecosistema, Expropiación, Protecíon de las especies