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United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

Joint implementation under the Climate Change Convention

Author: Loske R., Oberthür, S.

In: International Environmental Affairs | Vol. 6(1); 45 - 58; 14 p.

Publisher: University Press of New England | Hanover, NH, USA | 1994

Literature | International

Keyword: Climate change, International relations/cooperation

Source: IUCN (ID: ANA-051336)

Second communication from the European Community under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change

Author: European Commission

Publisher: Office for Official Publication of the European Communities | Luxemburg | 1998

Literature | European Union

Keyword: Policy/planning, Climate change

Source: IUCN (ID: MON-067858)

Thinking globally and acting locally: The emergence of global environmental problems and the critical need to develop sustainable development programs at State and local levels in the United States

Author: Brown D.

In: Dickinson Journal of Environmental Law and Policy | Vol. 5(2); 175 - 214; 40 p.

Publisher: Business Manager, Dickinson Journal of Environmental Law and Policy | Carlisle, PA, USA | 1996

Literature | International | United States of America

Keyword: National implementation/transposal, Sustainable development, Local government

Source: IUCN (ID: ANA-060060)

Greenpeace perspective on the roles of subsidiary bodies

Author: Greenpeace International

Publisher: Greenpeace International | Amsterdam, The Netherlands | 1994

Literature | International

Keyword: Climate change

Source: IUCN (ID: MON-052148)

Climate change and Southern Africa: An exploration of some potential impacts and implications in the SADC Region

Author: Hulme M. (ed)

Publisher: Climatic Research Unit | Norwich, UK | 1996

Literature | International

Keyword: Research, Climate change, Grazing/transhumance

Source: IUCN (ID: MON-060046)

Reasoning goals of climate protection: Specification of Article 2 UNFCCC

Author: Ott K., Klepper G., Lingner S., Schäfer A., Scheffran J., Sprinz, D., Schröder M.

Publisher: Umweltbundesamt | Berlin, Germany | 2004

Literature | International

Keyword: Policy/planning, Climate change, Emissions

Source: IUCN (ID: MON-074928)

The United Nations Convention on Climatic Change - The first step

Author: Horn L.

In: Environmental and Planning Law Journal | Vol. 10(2); 70 - 86; 17 p.

Publisher: The Law Book Company Ltd. | North Ryde, Australia | 1993

Literature | International

Keyword: Climate change

Source: IUCN (ID: ANA-049192)

From Copenhagen to Cancun: Challenges and prospects for the UNFCCC negotiations

Author: La Viña A.G. M., Ang L. G.

Publisher: FIELD | London, United Kingdom | 2010

Literature | International

Keyword: International agreement-text, Policy/planning, Climate change, International relations/cooperation

Source: IUCN (ID: MON-084257)

Negociación del régimen de protección climática bajo la Convención Marco de Naciones Unidas sobre Cambio climático

Author: UICN SUR

Publisher: unpublished | 2001

Literature | International

Keyword: Comprehensive description, Climate change

Source: IUCN (ID: MON-068502)

Understanding the Concept of Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Action

Author: Sharma S., Desgain D.

Publisher: UNEP Risø Centre | Roskilde, Denmark | 2013

Literature | International

Keyword: International relations/cooperation, Developing countries, Sustainable development, Climate change, International agreement-text, Financing

Source: IUCN (ID: MON-087671)

Verifying compliance with the Kyoto Protocol

Author: Lanchbery J.

In: Review of European Community and International Environmental Law (RECIEL) | Vol. 7(2); 170 - 175; 6 p.

Publisher: Basil Blackwell Ltd. | London, UK | 1998

Literature | International

Keyword: Monitoring, Enforcement/compliance, Climate change

Source: IUCN (ID: ANA-063594)

Keeping Kyoto: A study of approaches to maintaining the Kyoto Protocol on climate change

Author: Grubb M., Hourcade J.-C., Oberthur S.

Publisher: Climate Strategies International Network for Climate Policyy Analysis | www | 2001

Literature | International

Keyword: International trade, National implementation/transposal, Emissions

Source: IUCN (ID: MON-067582)

Demand side efficiency: Voluntary agreements with industry

Author: Storey M.

Publisher: OECD | Paris, France | 1996

Literature | International | Canada, Germany, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, United States of America

Keyword: Energy conservation/energy production, Self-regulation, Emissions

Source: IUCN (ID: MON-061693)

Saving the atmosphere: International law, developing countries and air pollution

Author: Biermann F.

Publisher: Peter Lang GmbH | Frankfurt, Germany | 1995

Literature | International

Keyword: Ozone layer, Developing countries, Air quality/air pollution, Climate change, Technology transfer

Source: IUCN (ID: MON-058791)

Joint implementation from a European NGO perspective

Author: Climate Network Europe

Publisher: Climate Network Europe | Brussels, Belgium | 1994

Literature | International

Keyword: Public participation, Joint implementation

Source: IUCN (ID: MON-063503)

Business, Organized Labour and Climate Policy

Author: Glynn P., Cadman T., Maraseni T. N.

Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd | Cheltenham,UK | 2017

Literature | International

Keyword: Economy and environment, Climate change

Source: IUCN (ID: MON-092886)

The New Framework for Climate Finance Under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change: A Breakthrough or an Empty Promise?

Author: Yamineva Y., Kulovesi K.

In: Climate Change and the Law | p.191-223

Publisher: Springer | Dordrecht, Netherlands | 2013

Literature | International

Keyword: International agreement-text, Developing countries, Financing, International relations/cooperation

Source: IUCN (ID: ANA-087546)

Funding for adaptation to climate change: UNFCCC and GEF developments since COP-7

Author: Mace M.J.

In: Review of European Community and International Environmental Law (RECIEL) | Vol. 14(3); 225 - 246; 22 p.

Publisher: Basil Blackwell Ltd. | London, UK | 2005

Literature | International

Keyword: Financing, Special fund, International agreement-implementation, Climate change

Source: IUCN (ID: ANA-074457)

Joint implementation: Opportunities for Indian forestry

Author: Chatterjee K.

In: Environment Alternatives | Vol. 5(6); 12 - 13; 2 p.

Publisher: Dr Ashok Khosla | New Delhi, India | 1995

Literature | India

Keyword: Forest management/forest conservation, Climate change

Source: IUCN (ID: ANA-054799)

UNITAR Programme of Training for the Application of Environmental Law

Author: Kiss A., Sand P., Shelton D., Lang W., Huismans J., Halpaap A., Klemm C. de, Shine C., Gündling L., Gündling L., Tarasofsky R., Kiss A., Shelton D.

Publisher: United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) | Geneva, Switzerland | 1997

Literature | International

Keyword: Education, Policy/planning, Biodiversity, Air quality/air pollution, Ozone layer, Institution, Public participation, International relations/cooperation, Protected area, Waste management, Outer space, Freshwater resources management, Climate change, Hazardous substances, International trade, Comprehensive description, Soil conservation/soil improvement

Source: IUCN (ID: MON-061565)