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Regional Convention for the management and conservation of the natural forest ecosystems and the development of forest plantations

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Field of application
Oct 29, 1993
IUCN (ID: TRE-001208)
Title (French)

Convention régionale concernant la gestion et la conservation des écosystèmes forestiers naturels et le développement des plantations forestières

Title (Spanish)

Convenio Regional para el Manejo y Conservación de los ecosistemas naturales forestales y el desarrollo de plantaciones forestales

Title (Other)

Regionale Konvention über die Behandlung und Erhaltung natürlicher Waldökosysteme und die Entwicklung von Waldpflanzen

Place of adoption
Guatemala City
Spanish, English
Entry into force
Oct 15, 1999
Forestry, Land & soil
Sustainable use Afforestation/reforestation Protected area Forestry protection measures Agro-forestry Ecosystem preservation Forest management/forest conservation Land-use planning Sustainable development

Objective: To promote, within Central America, national and regional strategies and procedures for the sustainable management of forests, including the establishment of a homogenous soil classification and the recovery of deforested areas.

Summary of provisions: This Convention reaffirms the sovereign right of the Parties to use, manage and develop their forests in accordance with their own policies and regulations (art. 1). Moreover, Parties undertake to adopt policies for the sustainable development of forest resources (art. 3). They agree to implement financial and related measures, including mechanisms to ensure the local investment of income generated by the forest resource, the promotion of financial arrangements for concerned local groups, and the establishment of mechanisms to prevent the illegal traffic of' flora and fauna species (art. 4). Parties are to promote the participation of all interested local parties in the planning, implementation and evaluation of national policy related to the Convention (art. 5). Finally, they agree to take measures to strengthen forestry management institutions and laws at the national level, including sectoral and inter-sectoral co-ordinating mechanisms to ensure sustainable development, the adoption of national Tropical Forestry Action Plans, the creation of environmental attorney general's office, and mandatory environmental impact assessments (art. 6).

Institutional mechanisms: The Central American Commission on Environment and Development undertakes to establish a Central American Council on Forests, which together with other relevant bodies of the Parties is to be responsible for the implementation of the Convention (art. 7).

(Source: IUCN ELC, 08.2005, based on UNEP Register of International Treaties and Other Agreements in the Field of the Environment, 1996)

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