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Protocol to the Comprehensive Nuclear Test-Ban Treaty

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Sep 24, 1996
IUCN (ID: TRE-001278)
Title (French)

Protocole se rapportant au Traité d' interdiction complète des essais nucléaires

Title (Other)

Protokoll zum Vertrag über das umfassende Verbot von Nuklearversuchen

Place of adoption
New York
UN United Nations
Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, Spanish
Waste & hazardous substances
Policy/planning Nuclear energy Data collection/reporting International organization Monitoring Legal proceedings/administrative proceedings Enforcement/compliance Dispute settlement Military activities Inspection Offences/penalties

Objective: To establish international monitoring and on-site inspection systems as well as confidence building measures to assist in the verification of compliance with the Comprehensive Nuclear Test-Ban Treaty.

Summary of provisions: Part I focuses on the International Monitoring System and International Data Centre Functions. Inter alia, State Parties undertake to cooperate in establishing, operating, upgrading and financing monitoring facilities, related certified laboratories and means of communications (art. 4). To assist in the verification of compliance with the Treaty, they further undertake to cooperate in an international exchange of seismological data (art. 6), of data on radionuclides in the atmosphere (art.9), of hydroaccoustic data (art. 12) and infrasound (art.14) data, in all cases through the establishment and operation of global networks of monitoring stations. The International Data Centre is to receive, collect, process, analyse and report on archive data from International Monitoring Facilities (art. 16) and provide data (art. 20) and technical assistance (art. 22) to the State Parties. Standard products of the Centre are defined in Article 18.

Part II specifies the conditions of on-site inspections and of the selection of inspectors.

Part III specifies Confidence Building Measures. Inter alia, each State Party undertakes, on a voluntary basis, to provide the Technical Secretariat with notification of any chemical explosion using 300 tonnes or greater of TNT equivalent material.

(Source: IUCN ELC, 08.2005)

Article X of the Comprehensive Nuclear Ban Treaty- Status of the Protocol and Annexes: The Annexes to this Treaty, and the Annexes to the Protocol form an integral part of the Treaty. Any reference to this Treaty includes the Annexes to this Treaty, the Protocol and the Annexes to the Protocol. For Parties Status information of this Protocol please see the Comprehensive Nuclear Ban Treaty.

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