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Protocol on Oil Pollution Preparedness, Response and Cooperation in the Pacific Region

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Sep 10, 2006
IUCN (ID: TRE-160044)
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Protocole sur la Preparation, la Lutte et la Cooperation en Matiere de Pollution par les Hydrocarbures dans la Région Pacifique

Place of adoption
SPEC South Pacific Bureau for Economic Cooperation
English, French
Sea, Waste & hazardous substances, Water
Marine area Polluter pays principle Oil pollution Public health Marine pollution (ship-based sources) Recreational water use Precautionary principle Marine pollution Oil
Geographical area
South Pacific

The 10th of November 2006 during the Conference of the Plenipotentiaries to the Noumea Convention the Parties have signed two new protocols, as new instruments to implement the provisions of the agreement. The two protocols, respectively the "Protocol on Oil Pollution preparadness, response and cooperation in the pacific region" and the "Protocol on hazardous and noxious substances polluttion, preparadness, response and cooperation in the pacific region", constitute a new committment of the Countries to take effective regional actions for the prevention of marine polluttion from two specific clusters of pollutants: oil, and hazardous and noxious substances. Considered their scope, and their allignment to new international requirements, these instruments are tought as a modern revision of the already in force protocols. Therefore, once these will enter into force they will have the effect to substitute the previous one. (Source:

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Australia - -
Cook Islands (New Zealand) -
Fiji - -
France -
Kiribati - -
Marshall Islands -
Micronesia, Fed. States -
Nauru - -
New Zealand - -
Niue (New Zealand) - -
Palau - -
Papua New Guinea - -
Pitcairn (UK) - -
Samoa -
Solomon Islands - -
Tonga - -
Tuvalu - -
United States of America -
Vanuatu - -

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