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Protocol on Forestry

Document type
Field of application
Oct 3, 2002
IUCN (ID: TRE-001361)
Place of adoption
SADC Southern African Development Community
English, French, Portuguese
Entry into force
Jul 17, 2009
Public participation Non-timber products Internal trade International agreement-text Sustainable use Traditional rights/customary rights Land tenure Ecosystem preservation Environmental planning Dispute settlement Policy/planning Economy and environment Monitoring Endangered species Forest management/forest conservation Forestry protection measures Enforcement/compliance Precautionary principle Timber Community management Biodiversity Access-to-information Law reform/harmonization/deregulation Protected area International trade Capacity building Access and benefit sharing Resource accounting Data collection/reporting Right of use Genetic resources Alien species International organization Sustainable development Research Climate change

Objectives: To promote the development, conservation, sustainable management and utilisation of all types of forests and trees, and promote trade in forest products throughout the Region of the SADC. Summary of provisions: Parties agree to co-operate, inter alia, to: - assist and support each other to address issues of common concern including deforestation, genetic erosion, climate change, pests, and invasive alien species, - promote the sustainable management of shared forests, - harmonise approaches to sustainable forest management and forest policy, legislation and enforcement, - and develop adequate mechanisms to ensure the equitable sharing of benefits derived from forest resources. The Protocol further includes provisions on, inter alia, tenure and ownership (art. 5), national forest policies and programmes (art. 8), national forest assessments (art. 9), regional database (art. 10), participation of women in forest management (art. 13), transboundary forests (art. 14), protection of forests (art. 15), industry, trade and investment (art. 17), and research and development (art. 20). Parties undertake to co-operate to develop the forest germplasm collection in the SADC Plant Genetic Resource Centre, with a view to preserving germplasm of forest species (art. 17).

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Angola - - -
Botswana -
Congo, Dem. Rep. of - - -
Eswatini, Kingdom of -
Lesotho -
Malawi - - -
Mauritius -
Mozambique -
Namibia -
Seychelles -
South Africa -
Tanzania, Un. Rep. of - -
Zambia -
Zimbabwe -

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