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Protocol concerning Marine Pollution resulting from Exploration and Exploitation of the Continental Shelf

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Mar 29, 1989
IUCN (ID: TRE-001128)
Title (French)

Protocole concernant la pollution marine causée par l'exploration et à l'exploitation du plateau continental

Title (Other)

Protokoll über Meeresverschmutzung durch die Erforschung und Ausbeutung des Kontinentalsockels

Place of adoption
Kuwait City
Arabic, English, Farsi
Entry into force
Feb 17, 1990
Education Data collection/reporting Solid waste International organization EIA Court/tribunal Deep sea bed Exploration Monitoring Early warning system/emergency intervention system Oil Survey/mapping International relations/cooperation Dispute settlement Maritime zone Research Authorization/permit Liability/compensation Waste domestic sources Marine pollution

Objective: To set out measures to prevent and control marine pollution from exploration and exploitation of the continental shelf.

Summary of provisions: Parties agree to require that all appropriate measures are taken to prevent, abate and control marine pollution from offshore operations (operations conducted for exploration of oil or natural gas or for exploiting those resources) in those parts of the continental shelf covered by the Protocol within their respective jurisdictions, and to take, individually or jointly, all appropriate steps to combat such pollution (art. II). The Protocol contains provisions concerning licensing of offshore operations by each Party, including requirements of environmental impact assessment before licensing (Art. III and IV). Each Party undertakes to endeavour to ensure that offshore operation within its jurisdiction does not cause unjustifiable interference with lawful navigation, fishing or any other activities concerned (art. V.1). Furthermore, each Party agrees to take practicable measures to ensure safety and preparedness for dealing with accidental pollution at every offshore installation, (Art. VI, VII and VIII), to control the discharge and disposal into the Sea from offshore installations and its operations (Art. IX and X), to regulate the use of chemicals at offshore installations (Art. XI) and the collection and disposal of all unwanted substances or articles from offshore operations (Art. XI) as well as the maintenance and removal of offshore installations (Art. XIII).

(Source: IUCN ELC, 08.2005, based on UNEP Register of International Treaties and Other Agreements in the Field of the Environment, 1996)

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Iran, Islamic Republic of
Oman -
Saudi Arabia
United Arab Emirates

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