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International Convention on the Control of Harmful Anti-Fouling Systems On Ships

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Oct 5, 2001
IUCN (ID: TRE-001394)
Title abbreviation

AFS 2001

Title (French)

Convention internationale sur le contrôle des systèmes antisalissure nuisibles sure les navires

Title (Other)

Internationales Übereinkommen über die Beschränkung des Einsatzes schädlicher Bewuchsschutzsysteme auf Schiffen

Place of adoption
IMO International Maritime Organization
Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, Spanish
Entry into force
Sep 17, 2008
Endangered species Air quality/air pollution Dispute settlement Enforcement/compliance

Objectives: To reduce or eliminate adverse effects on the marine environment and human health caused by anti-fouling systems. Summary of provisions: The Convention was adopted in the framework of the International Maritime Organisation (IMO). Parties undertake to prohibit and/or restrict the application, re-application, installation, or use of harmful anti-fouling systems on ships referred to in art. 3, and to take appropriate measures in their territory to require that wastes from the application or removal of an anti-fouling system controlled in Annex 1 are collected, handled, treated and disposed of in a safe and environmentally sound manner to protect human health and the environment (art. 5). Annex 1 provides controls on anti-fouling systems, Annexes 2 and 3 set out the required elements for amendment proposals to such controls, and art. 6 sets out the process for proposing such amendments. Art. 11 provides for inspections of ships and detection of violations, art. 12 deals with violations of the Convention and art. 13 concerns undue delay or detention of ships. Parties further undertake to ensure that ships entitled to fly their flags or operating under their authority are surveyed and certified in accordance with the regulations in Annex 4, and communicate to the IMO, inter alia, information regarding any anti-fouling systems approved, restricted, or prohibited under their domestic laws (art. 9).

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