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Hong Kong International Convention for the Safe and Environmentally Sound Recycling of Ships, 2009

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May 15, 2009
IUCN (ID: TRE-155445)
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Convention de Hong-Kong pour un recyclage sûr et écologiquement rationnel des navires, 2009

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Hong Kong
IMO International Maritime Organization
Environment gen., Waste & hazardous substances
Waste prevention Waste disposal Environmental security Free water use Agriculture and environment Enforcement/compliance Water quality standards Environmental indicators Disasters Endangered species Ecological production/organic production International organization Marine protected areas Water desalination Marine pollution Marine pollution (ship-based sources) Marking/identification Effluent waste (industrial sources) Oil pollution Ecosystem preservation Public health Emissions Business/industry/corporations Precautionary principle Aquatic animal products Industrial water use Fish products Surface water Public water Aquatic animals Protected fish species Hazardous waste Economy and environment Polluted soil cleanups Marine pollution (dumping at sea) International agreement-implementation Light pollution Effluent waste water/discharge Hazardous substances Environmental standards Maritime zone Freshwater resources management Deep sea bed Marine resources management Governance Cultural heritage Waste management Freshwater quality/freshwater pollution Standards

The Hong Kong International Convention for the Safe and Environmentally Sound Recycling of Ships, 2009 Adoption: 11 May 2009 Entry into force: The Convention shall be open for signature by any State at the Headquarters of the Organization from 1 September 2009 to 31 August 2010 and shall thereafter remain open for accession by any State. It will enter into force 24 months after the date on which 15 States, representing 40 per cent of world merchant shipping by gross tonnage, have either signed it without reservation as to ratification, acceptance or approval or have deposited instruments of ratification, acceptance, approval or accession with the Secretary General. Furthermore, the combined maximum annual ship recycling volume of those States must, during the preceding 10 years, constitute not less than 3 per cent of their combined merchant shipping tonnage. The Convention is aimed at ensuring that ships, when being recycled after reaching the end of their operational lives, do not pose any unnecessary risk to human health and safety or to the environment. The Convention was adopted at a diplomatic conference held in Hong Kong, China, from 11 to 15 May 2009.

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Belgium - -
Congo - -
France -
Italy - -
Netherlands - -
Norway - -
Panama - -
Saint Kitts and Nevis - -
Turkey - -

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