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Framework Cooperation Agreement between the European Community and the Republics of Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama

Document type
Field of application
Feb 22, 1993
IUCN (ID: TRE-001911)
Place of adoption
San Salvador
Entry into force
Mar 1, 1999
Forestry, Fisheries, Energy, Agricultural & rural development, Environment gen.
Less favoured areas International agreement-text Agricultural development Research Capacity building Institution
Geographical area
Central America, Mediterranean, North-East Pacific, Northern Europe, North Atlantic, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, East Pacific, South-Eastern Pacific, North-East Atlantic, European Union Countries, Eastern Europe

The object of this Agreement is the cooperation among the Contracting Parties, on a democratic basis, in all areas of common interest, bearing in mind the lesser degree of development of the Central American countries. Such fields of cooperation include in particular economic cooperation as well as cooperation in matter of environment, agriculture, forestry, energy and fisheries. With respect to economic cooperation (art. 3), it shall be focused particularly on the following: (a) modernization of the productive sectors (agro-industry, livestock farming, fisheries, fish farming, forestry); (b) management and protection of natural resources and the environment; (c) technical regulations on plant health and animal health. Cooperation shall be undertaken in science and technology too, covering particularly the protection and renewal of rainforest and borderline agricultural areas, rational use of natural resources, tropical agriculture, nutrition, biotechnology applied to agriculture (art. 10). Articles 18, 19 and 21 are devoted to environment cooperation, biological diversity cooperation and cooperation in agriculture, forestry and rural areas respectively. Moreover, the Parties agree to strengthen and develop cooperation in the field of fisheries as per article 22. The Joint Committee referred to in article 33 shall be in charge of the effective implementation of this Agreement



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Countries Entry into force
Costa Rica
El Salvador
European Union