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Convention on the Transboundary Effects of Industrial Accidents

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Field of application
May 7, 1992
IUCN (ID: TRE-001143)
Title abbreviation

Industrial Accidents Convention

Title (French)

Convention sur les effets transfrontières des accidents industriels

Title (Spanish)

Convención sobre los efectos transfronterizos de los accidentes industriales

Title (Other)

Konvention über grenzüberschreitende Auswirkungen von Industrieunfällen

Place of adoption
UN United Nations
English, French, Russian
Entry into force
Apr 19, 2000
Environment gen.
Hazardous substances Radioactive pollution Transport/storage Data collection/reporting Technology transfer Monitoring Access-to-information Marine pollution Legal proceedings/administrative proceedings Oil pollution EIA Research Transboundary effects Early warning system/emergency intervention system Dispute settlement Risk assessment/management Liability/compensation Nuclear energy Public participation

Objectives: To enhance individual and collective national responsibility and capacity in the prevention and control of industrial accidents, as well as the trans-boundary effects of such accidents with a view to protecting human life and environmental safety.

Summary of provisions: Article 1 defines important terms used in the Convention, such as: industrial accident, hazardous activity and trans-boundary effects. Nuclear accidents or radiological emergencies, accidents at military installations, dam failures, accidental release of genetically modified organisms, spills of oil and other harmful substances at sea are not covered by the Convention (art. 2). Article 3 enumerates the general obligations of the Parties, such as the protection of human beings and the environment, and the taking of legal and policy measures necessary for the prevention of industrial accidents (art. 3). Parties undertake to consult with (art. 4), inform (art. 6), cooperate with, and share in assistance mutually with one another, in the enhancement of preparedness for coping with industrial accidents with trans-boundary effects (arts. 6, 8, 9, 10, 12, 14, 15 and 16).

(Source: IUCN ELC, 08.2005, based on UNEP Register of International Treaties and Other Agreements in the Field of the Environment, 1996)

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