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Convention on the Conservation and Management of Fishery Resources in the South East Atlantic Ocean (SEAFO)

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Apr 20, 2001
IUCN (ID: TRE-001384)
Title (French)

Convention sur la conservation et la gestion des ressources halieutiques de l'Atlantique Sud-Est (SEAFO)

Title (Spanish)

Convenio sobre la conservación y gestión de los recursos de la pesca en el Océano Atlántico suroriental (SEAFO)

Place of adoption
FAO Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN
English, Portuguese
Entry into force
Apr 13, 2003
Fisheries, Sea
Environmental planning Marine mammals Ecosystem preservation Marine area Turtles Biosphere reserves Collecting/harvesting Management/conservation International agreement-text Fishing authorization Maritime zone Biodiversity Marine fishes Aquatic animals Stock enhancement/repopulation International organization Zoning Access right
Geographical area
Southern Africa, Arctic, Africa, Atlantic Ocean Islands, Europe, South Atlantic, Mediterranean, Central Africa, European Union Countries, South America

Objectives: To ensure the long term conservation and sustainable use of the fishery resources in the South East Atlantic Ocean. Summary of provisions: When implementing the Convention, Parties undertake to, inter alia, adopt measures based on the best scientific evidence available, apply the precautionary principle, take due account of the impact of fishing operations on ecologically related species, and protect biodiversity in the marine environment (art. 3). Article 6 deals with the functions of the established Commission, which include adopting conservation and management measures and determining total allowable catches and/or total levels of fishing effort. Parties further agree to, inter alia, implement promptly the Convention and any conservation, management and other measures which may be agreed by the Commission, take all appropriate steps to ensure their effectiveness, and transmit to the Commission an annual statement on their efforts to implement such measures (art. 13). Other provisions provide for, inter alia, duties of the flag State and port State, and co-operation with the Food and Agricultural Organisation of the United Nations (FAO). Conservation, management and control measures adopted by the Commission are to become binding on the Parties in the manner set out in article 23. Institutional mechanisms: The South East Atlantic Fisheries Organisation (SEAFO) is established and maintained (art. 5). It comprises a Commission, a Secretariat (art. 11), a Scientific Committee, and a Compliance Committee.

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