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Convention on fisheries cooperation among African States bordering the Atlantic Ocean

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Field of application
Jul 5, 1991
IUCN (ID: TRE-001127)
Title (French)

Convention concernant la coopération des Etats africains riverains de l'Océan Atlantique

Title (Spanish)

Convenio Regional sobre Cooperación Pesquera entre los Estados Africanos Ribereños del Océano Atlántico

Title (Other)

Konvention über Fischereikooperation afrikanischer Atlantik-Anrainerstaaten

Place of adoption
FAO Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN
English, French
Entry into force
Aug 11, 1995
Fisheries, Sea
Special fund Artisanal fishing Marine fisheries Fish products Dispute settlement International relations/cooperation Food security Policy/planning Migratory species Fishing vessel Research Data collection/reporting Monitoring Fishery management and conservation Law reform/harmonization/deregulation
Geographical area
South Atlantic, Africa

Objectives: To enable Parties to promote co-operation in the area of fisheries management and development in the Region. Summary of provisions: Parties undertake to combine their efforts to ensure the conservation and rational management of their fisheries resources and take concerted action for the assessment of fish stocks occurring within the waters under the jurisdiction of more than one Party (art. 3). Further articles deal with the assessment and conservation of highly migratory species, monitoring, surveillance and control of fishing vessels, development of fishery production and means of production, marketing of fishery products, social conditions of fishermen, enhancement of vocational and technical training, development of scientific research, protection and preservation of the marine environment, harmonisation of policies, fisheries co-operation agreements, maritime data and information bank, solidarity with landlocked African States and with geographically disadvantaged States of the Region, and co-operation with other relevant organisations. Parties also agree to adopt protocols for the purpose of implementing the Convention (art. 19). Institutional framework: A Conference of Ministers is established, as well as a Bureau and a Secretariat (art. 17).

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