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Convention for the Protection of the Natural Resources and Environment of the South Pacific Region

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Nov 24, 1986
IUCN (ID: TRE-000892)
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Title (French)

Convention sur la protection des ressources naturelles et de l'environnement de la région du Pacifique Sud

Title (Spanish)

Convenio para la protección de los recursos naturales y el medio ambiente de la Región del Pacífico Sur

Title (Other)

Übereinkommen zum Schutz der natürlichen Hilfsquellen und Umwelt im Südpazifik Gebiet

Place of adoption
SPEC South Pacific Bureau for Economic Cooperation
English, French
Entry into force
Aug 22, 1990
Wild species & ecosystems, Land & soil, Air & atmosphere, Environment gen., Mineral resources, Water, Sea, Waste & hazardous substances
EIA Data collection/reporting Maritime zone Management/conservation Marine pollution Institution International agreement-text
South Pacific

Objectives: To protect and manage the natural resources and environment of the South Pacific region.

Summary of provisions: The Parties agree to take all appropriate measures to prevent, reduce and control pollution of the Convention area (art. 5), particularly pollution from vessels (art. 6), land-based sources (art. 7), exploration and exploitation of the sea bed (art. 8), airborne pollution (art. 9), dumping (art. 10) and the testing of nuclear devices (art. 12). They are to ensure that the implementation of this Convention does not result in an increase in pollution in the marine environment outside the Convention area (art. 5.2). They undertake to prohibit the storage of radioactive wastes in the Convention area (art. 11) and agree to take all appropriate measures to protect and preserve rare ecosystems and endangered flora and fauna, as well as their habitat, in the Convention area (art. 14). Parties are to cooperate in taking all necessary measures to deal with pollution emergencies in the Convention area (art. 15). According to Art. 21, the South Pacific Commission (now SPREP –Pacific Regional Environment Programme) shall function as secretariat of the Convention. Meetings of the Parties are to be held every two years (art. 22).

(Source: IUCN ELC, 08.2005, based on UNEP Register of International Treaties and Other Agreements in the Field of the Environment, 1996)

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