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Agreement regarding Monitoring of the Stratosphere

Document type
Field of application
May 5, 1976
IUCN (ID: TRE-000538)
Title (French)

Accord sur la surveillance de la stratosphère

Title (Other)

Vereinbarung betreffend die Überwachung der Stratosphäre

Place of adoption
English, French
Entry into force
May 5, 1976
Air & atmosphere
Data collection/reporting Monitoring Air quality/air pollution International relations/cooperation Ozone layer Research Comparative analysis
Geographical area
Europe, North America

Objectives: To increase the understanding of the atmosphere, and in particular to cooperate toward the establishment of a strengthened global stratospheric ozone monitoring capability. Summary of provisions: The Contracting Parties undertake to seek ways to improve the collection, processing, exchange and analysis of stratospheric ozone data (art. II), exchange information concerning stratospheric research and propose opportunities for expanded coordination and collaboration (art. III), including inter alia cooperative research (art IV). The Parties agree to support and participate in the work of the World Meteorological Organisation (art V) and to request UNEP to catalyse and co-ordinate on a world- wide basis a work program on the problems of the protection of the stratosphere (art VI). They are to endeavour to assure that particular attention is given to the biological and climatic impacts of ozone changes to facilitate the development of appropriate standards and the establishments of regulatory measures if deemed necessary (art VI). Finally, the Parties must encourage the International Civil Aviation Organisation and other appropriate international organisations, to evaluate, inter alia, the feasibility of developing international standards for the stratospheric pollution caused respectively by civil aviation and other potential sources. Institutional mechanisms: The Parties are to organise periodic consultations including, inter alia, meetings of policy planners or technical experts to review progress and plan further cooperative activities (art VIII). They further agree to exchange reports of data and progress made every six months (Art. IX). (Source: IUCN ELC, 08.2005)


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