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Agreement on the Action Plan for the Environmentally Sound Management of the Common Zambezi River System

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May 28, 1987
IUCN (ID: TRE-000971)
Title (French)

Accord sur un Plan d'action pour la gestion écologiquement rationnelle du bassin hydrographique commun du Zambèze

Title (Other)

Abkommen über den Aktionsplan zur Umweltgerechten Bewirtschaftung des gemeinsamen Systems des Sambesi-Flusses

Place of adoption
SADC Southern African Development Community
Entry into force
May 28, 1987
Freshwater resources management Education Data collection/reporting Law reform/harmonization/deregulation EIA Resource/damage valuation Monitoring Survey/mapping Management/conservation Waterworks Sustainable use International relations/cooperation River basin institution Freshwater quality/freshwater pollution Basin/catchment/watershed Water supply Inventory Capacity building Pollution control Institution Sustainable development
Geographical area
Africa, Eastern Africa, Indian Ocean, Southern Africa

The Agreement concerns the adoption and the implementation of the Action Plan for the Environmentally Sound Management of the Common Zambezi River System. The plan shall be endorsed by the Council of Ministers of the Southern African Development coordination Conference. The objective of the Zambezi Action Plan (ZACPLAN) is to promote the development and implementation of environmentally sound water resources management in the whole river system and to overcome the following problems: (a) soil erosion and water conservation; (b) deforestation; (c) lack of adequate drinking-water supply and proper sanitation facilities; (d) inadequate river basin planning; (e) inadequate coordination both at national and river level; (f) degradation of flora and fauna; (g) degradation of wetlands; (h) inadequate dissemination of information to the public. First task shall be to perform a solid and reliable water resources assessment, which shall, after appropriate evaluation, serve as the basis for environmentally sound management and development decisions. The following main areas shall be elements of the comprehensive Action Plan: Environmental assessment; Environmental management; Environmental legislation; Supporting measures. Section III establishes priorities to be observed for the implementation of the Agreement in the period 1987-1989. Annex I to the Agreement is completed by the following Appendices: Programme categories for the Zambezi Action Plan (which refers to the Zambezi Action Plan projects (ZACPRO) for the period 1987-1989)(I); Proposed sources of funding for the implementation of phase of the Zambezi Action Plan (II); Relatives contributions to the common cost of ZACPLAN (III); Workplan and Timetable (1987-1989). Annex II concerns institutional and financial arrangements, which are presented for information as a possible option in the implementation of the Zambezi Action Plan, and is completed by two Appendices: Communications links (I); and Terms of reference for the management of the Zambezi River Basin Trust Fund.

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