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Agreement No. 2 between Chad, Egypt, Libya and Sudan for Monitoring and Sharing Data for the sustainable development and proper management of the Nubian Sandstone Aquifer System

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Oct 5, 2000
IUCN (ID: TRE-153648)
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الاتفاقية رقم 2 بين تشاد ومصر وليبيا والسودان المتعلقة بالرصد وقاعدة التقسيم من اجل استمرارية النمو والادارة الملائمة لنظام الحجر الرملي في منطقة النوبة

Policy/planning Saltwater intrusion/siltation International agreement-text Water users' associations Groundwater Access-to-information
Geographical area
Red Sea & Gulf of Aden, Mediterranean, Northern Africa, Central Africa, Africa, Sahel

For the sustainable development and proper management of the Nubian Sandstone Aquifer System (NSAS), a continuous monitoring of the aquifer system shall be maintained. In order to observe the regional behaviour of the NSAS, monitored parameters of the aquifer shall be shared between the 4 countries. Hence, it is agreed that the 4 countries represented by their National Co-ordinators shall monitor and share the following information: yearly extraction in every extraction site, specifying geographical location and number of producing wells and springs in each site; Representative Electrical Conductivity measurements (EC) taken once a year in each extraction site, followed by a complete chemical analysis if drastic changes in salinity has been observed; water level measurements taken twice a year in the locations shown in the attached maps and tables; the proposed monitoring network which shall be subject to changes depending on the feedback of the National Coordinators of the concerned countries. The measurements shall be undertaken within the NSAS and the Post Nubian Aquifer System.

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