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Agreement 1 between Chad, Egypt, Libya and Sudan concerning the monitoring and exchange of information related to the groundwater of the Nubian Sandstone Aquifer System

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Oct 5, 2000
IUCN (ID: TRE-153643)
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الاتفاقية رقم 1 بين تشاد ومصر وليبيا والسودان المتعلقة برصد وتبادل المعلومات بخصوص المياه الجوفية والحجر الرملي في النوبة

Policy/planning International agreement-text Early warning system/emergency intervention system Water users' associations Groundwater Access-to-information
Geographical area
Red Sea & Gulf of Aden, Mediterranean, Northern Africa, Central Africa, Africa, Sahel

Consolidated data throughout the implementation of the “Programme for the Development of a Regional Strategy for the utilisation of the Nubian Sandstone Aquifer System (NSAS) “was achieved through a Regional Information System called the Nubian Aquifer Regional Information System (NARIS). This Integrated Information System is conceived to fulfil the following tasks: storing and documenting the different data, covering the fields to the NSAS; processing, analysis and display of basic data; preparing the input parameters necessary for the modelling at different scales, and calibration of the groundwater model and comparison of the results of modelling with other data for planning and decision making and provide an easy link between the participating countries through a system ensuring the exchange and flow of information. The Four Countries namely; Chad, Egypt, Libya and Sudan shared the data that was consolidated throughout the implementation of the (NARIS) in addition to the information on the development aspects including socio-economic data, management of harsh environment, drilling experiences, meteorological data,…etc and also agreed to update this system as specified in Agreement 2. The sharing of information will be accomplished according to the following: Internet Environment-Server and access through the Internet; requirements and Regional Data Exchange. Within this mechanism, CEDARE could be hosting the data on its server for one year as a testing and transition phase, at a certain annual cost which will include all the technical support for running the System on its workstation, Software and Hardware maintenance, and Internet leased line. After the first year, the same setup could be founded in the Joint Authority of the NSAS.

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