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The Yearbook of Polar Law - Volume 4 (2012)

Alfredsson G., Koivurova T.
IUCN (ID: MON-094641)
Publisher | Place of publication
Martinus Nijhoff Publishers | Leiden, The Netherlands
630 p.
Document type
Field of application
Sea, Legal questions, Environment gen.
Indigenous peoples Human rights Governance Policy/planning
Geographical area
Antarctica, Arctic

General Part Editorial Timo Koivurova, Gudmundur Alfredsson and Waliul Hasanat; A Speech by the President of Iceland H.E. Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson; Perspectives of the Arctic Council Anton Vasiliev; Thoughts on a Greenlandic Constitution Mininnguaq Kleist; Articles What Could the Arctic Council Learn from the Council of Baltic Sea States in Promoting Arctic Governance? Matti Niemivuo; The Arctic Council – from Knowledge Production to Influencing Arctic Policy Making Paula Kankaanpää; The Arctic Council: Promoting Co-operation in the Circumpolar World Terry Fenge; A Proposal for an Arctic Nuclear-Weapon Free Zone Thomas S Axworthy; Arctic Governance: Human Rights, Good Governance and Democracy Gudmundur Alfredsson; Inuit Governance and Contemporary Challenges: New Questions for Arctic Governance Cécile Pelaudeix; The Inuit Declaration on Sovereignty in the Arctic: Between the Right to Self-Determination and a New Concept of Sovereignty? Fiammeta Borgia; International Protection Mechanism of Indigenous Peoples Anatoly Kovler; Tensions Between States and Indigenous People over Natural Resources in light of the 1989 ILO Convention No. 169 Concerning Indigenous and Tribal Peoples in Independent Countries and the 2007 UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (including relevant national legislation and case-law) Malgosia Fitzmaurice; Legal Protection of Coastal Sámi Culture and Livelihood in Norway Øyvind Ravna; Recognition and Enforcement of Indigenous Peoples’ Land Rights in Alaska, the Northern Regions of Canada, Greenland, and Siberia and the Russian Far East Katja Göcke; Polar Diplomacy in an Age of Climate Change and Energy Dependence – the Role of Greenland in Dealing with China in the Arctic Damien Degeorges; Human Rights approach to the Protection of Traditional Knowledge: An Appraisal of the Draft Nordic Saami Convention Kamrul Hossain; The Faroe Islands between Parliamentary Sovereignty and Sub-National Constitutionalism and between Statutory Positivism and Pragmatic Reasoning Bárður Larsen and Dr Kári á Rógvi; A Critical Analysis of the Margin of Appreciation Doctrine of the ECtHR, with Special Attention to Rights of a Traditional Way of Life and a Healthy Environment: A Call for an Alternative Model of International Supervision Kristin Henrard; The Right to Be a Part of Nature: Greening Human Rights via Strengthening Indigenous Peoples Leena Heinämäki; Offshore Oil and Gas Regulation in the Arctic: Room for Harmonization? Betsy Baker; The Barents Sea 2010 Norway-Russia border: The Triumph of the Negotiation Principle at the Expense of the Median- and Sector Line Pretentions Peter Ørebech; Problem-Solving Capabilities, Goal-Attainment and Effectiveness of the Barents Environmental Cooperation Nikolas Sellheim; Development of an Environmental Chapter in the Polar Code: Introducing a New Player – Black Carbon Laura Boone; The Role of International Governance Systems in Protecting the Arctic Environment: Examining Climate Change Policy Md Waliul Hasanat; Which Canary in the Coalmine? The Arctic in the International Climate Change Regime Sébastien Duyck; European Interests as regards Resource Exploitation in the Arctic: How Sustainable are European Efforts in this regard? Antje Neumann; Marine Protected Areas: the Chagos Case and the Need to Marry International Environmental Law with Indigenous Rights Achinthi Vithanage; Mining and Pollution: Arctic Environmental Law in Greenland and the Mining Industry Bent Ole Gram Mortensen; Material Talk: The Arctic Continental Shelf in the Law of the Sea Convention Discussion of the United States Sami Torssonen; The Antarctic Treaty System: What’s on the Horizon? Dr Julia Jabour; Book Reviews Dwight Newman, 2011. Community and Collective Rights: A Theoretical Framework for Rights Held by Groups. By Christina Allard; Cinnamon Piñon Carlarne, 2010. Climate Change Law and Policy: EU and US Approaches. By Kati Kulovesi; Eds. Ian Havercroft, Richard Macrory and Richard B Stewart, 2011. Carbon Capture and Storage; Emerging Legal and Regulatory Issues. By Nigel Bankes Ed. Clive R. Symmons, 2011. Selected Contemporary Issues in the Law of the Sea. By Ted L. McDorman; Ken S. Coates et al., 2008. Arctic Front Defending Canada in the Far North; & Shelagh D. Grant, 2010. Polar Imperative A History of Arctic Sovereignty in North America. By Terry Fenge; Eds. Manfred Sapper, Volker Weichsel, Christoph Humrich, 2011. Logbuch Arktis: Der Raum, die Interessen und das Recht. By Ian Kattein;