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The Yearbook of Polar Law - Volume 2 (2010)

Alfredsson G., Koivurova T., Leary D.K.
IUCN (ID: MON-094639)
Publisher | Place of publication
Martinus Nijhoff Publishers | Leiden, The Netherlands
346 p.
Document type
Field of application
Sea, Legal questions, Environment gen., Mineral resources
Ecosystem preservation Governance Navigation Climate change Mining Marine resources management Protection of species Policy/planning
Geographical area
Antarctica, Arctic

Introduction Gudmundur Alfredsson and Timo Koivurova; The North: A New Academic Frontier An Opening Address by the President of Iceland ; Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson at the Second Akureyri Polar Law Symposium, University of Akureyri 10 September 2009; The Arctic – Navigational Issues under International Law of the Sea R. Douglas Brubaker; Governing Arctic Shipping: Finding a Role for the Arctic Council Timo Koivurova; International Governance in the Arctic: The Law of the Sea Convention with Special Focus on Offshore Oil and Gas Kamrul Hossain; Nationalizing the Arctic Maritime Commons: UNCLOS Article 76 and the Polar Sea Ron Macnab; The Increasing Complexity of Global and Regional Governance: New Context for Polar Law Louis W. Pauly; Potential Roles of NATO and the EU in High Northern Security Alyson JK Bailes; Resource Frontier or Extractive Periphery?: The Political Ecology of Oil and Gas in the North Mark Nuttall; The Southern and Arctic Oceans: Polar Opposites in Many Respects Ron Macnab; Indigenous Whaling, Protection of the Environment, Intergenerational Rights and Environmental Ethics Malgosia Fitzmaurice; Cooperation in the Barents Euro-Arctic Region in the Light of International Law Md. Waliul Hasanat; Recent Developments in Polar Law; Honorary Doctor Gudmundur Alfredsson; Arctic Dimensions in Law - Current Research and Education at the Faculty of Law, the University of Tromsø Christina Allard, Tore Henriksen, and Øyvind Ravna ; Polar Law Textbook Natalia Loukacheva; Northern Research Forum –Thematic Group on Legal Issues in the Arctic Natalia Loukacheva; Book Reviews: Robin Warner, 2009. Protecting the Oceans beyond National Jurisdiction: Strengthening the International Law Framework. By Neil Craik. Christina Voigt, 2009, Sustainable Development as a Principle of International Law: Resolving Conflicts between Climate Measures and WTO Law. By Meinhard Doelle. Eds., Aldo Chircop, Ted L. McDorman, and Susan J. Rolston. 2009. The Future of Ocean Regime-Building: Essays in Tribute to Douglas M. Johnston. By Erik Franckx. Eds. Jessica M. Shadian and Monica Tennberg, 2009. Legacies and Change in Polar Sciences: Historical, Legal and Political Reflections on the International Polar Year. By David Leary