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Wildlife Conservation Act.

United Republic of Tanzania
Document type
2013 (2022)
Wild species & ecosystems
Framework law Capacity building Ecosystem preservation Education Endangered species Game Hunting/capture Protected area Protection of environment Protection of habitats Protection of species Research Special fund Sustainable development Trade in species Wetlands Wild fauna Wild flora Biodiversity Community management Management/conservation Institution Liability/compensation
Geographical area
Africa, Eastern Africa, Least Developed Countries
Entry into force notes
This Law enters into force on such date as the Minister may, by notice in the Gazette, declare.

This Law consisting of 122 articles aims to (i) to protect and conserve and administer areas with great biological diversity, including wetlands, by also giving special conservation status to endemic, rare, or endangered wildlife species and to enable Tanzania to effectively contribute and benefit from international measures to protect and enhance global biodiversity; (ii) protect and conserve wildlife resources and its habitats in game reserves, wetland reserves, game-controlled areas, wildlife management areas, dispersal areas, migratory route corridors, buffer zone, and all animals found in areas adjacent to these areas, by putting in place appropriate infrastructure, sufficient personnel, and equipment; (iii) enhance the contribution of the wildlife sector to the sustainable development of Tanzania; (iv) enhance the development of wildlife ecosystem as well as the development of protected areas network for purposes of enhancing biodiversity conservation; (v) to support and enlarge the wildlife-protected area's network; (vi) to enhance the conservation of wildlife and its habitats outside wildlife-protected areas by establishing Wildlife Management Areas for the purposes of effecting community-based conservation; (vii) facilitate active involvement and participation of local and traditional communities in the sustainable management, use, and conservation of wildlife resources in and outside the wildlife protected area's network; (viii) integrate wildlife conservation with rural development through the transfer of the management responsibility of Wildlife Management Areas to local communities; (ix) take appropriate measures to prevent the illegal use of wildlife; (x) facilitate greater public awareness of the cultural, economic, and social benefits of conserving wildlife resources and enhance the recognition of indigenous knowledge systems of wildlife conservation and management; (xi) mitigate human wildlife conflicts wherever they occur; (xii) create an enabling environment for the private sector to invest in different forms of wildlife utilization and conservation; and (xiii) enable Tanzania to participate in relevant international agreements and promote policies within the framework of such agreements.

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References - Legislation


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Implemented by

Wildlife Conservation (Management of Wildlife Captive Facilities) Regulations, 2020 (GN NO. 83).

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