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Water Resources Management Act, 2011 (No. 21 of 2011).

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An Act to establish the Water Resources Management Authority and define its functions and powers; provide for the management, development, conservation, protection and preservation of the water resource and its ecosystems; provide for the equitable, reasonable and sustainable utilisation of the water resource; ensure the right to draw or take water for domestic and noncommercial purposes, and that the poor and vulnerable members of the society have an adequate and sustainable source of water free from any charges; create an enabling environment for adaptation to climate change; provide for the constitution, functions and composition of catchment councils, sub-catchment councils and water users associations; provide for international and regional cooperation in, and equitable and sustainable utilisation of, shared water resources; provide for the domestication and implementation of the basic principles and rules of international law relating to the environment and shared water resources as specified in the treaties, conventions and agreements to which Zambia is a State Party; repeal and replace the Water Act, 1949; and provide for matters connected with, or incidental to, the foregoing.
Framework law Basic legislation Freshwater resources management Groundwater Surface water Freshwater quality/freshwater pollution Institution Access-to-information Aquaculture Basin/catchment/watershed Climate change Data collection/reporting Disasters Effluent waste water/discharge Enforcement/compliance Environmental planning Flood Monitoring Authorization/permit Policy/planning Protected area Recreational water use River basin institution Servitude Special fund Water abstraction Water conservation zone Water quality standards Water rights Water shortage/drought Water supply Water users' associations Waterworks Well sinking/boreholes Inspection Offences/penalties
Geographical area
Africa, Eastern Africa, Landlocked Developing Nations, Least Developed Countries
Entry into force notes
This Act shall come into operation on such date as the Minister may, by Statutory Instrument, appoint.

This Act establishes a regulatory and administrative framework for the management, development, conservation, protection and preservation of the water resource in Zambia and provides with respect to water rights and the equitable and sustainable use of water resources and related matters.

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Implemented by

Water Resources Management (Charges and Fees) Regulations, 2018 (S.I. No. 18 of 2018).

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