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Water Act, 1965.

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1965 (2008)
Original source
Consolidated Acts of Samoa 2008.
Long title
An Act to consolidate and amend the law relating to water conservation, supply, and use.
Basic legislation Institution Water supply Waterworks Water rights Freshwater pollution Hydropower generation Water charges Offences/penalties Pollution control
Geographical area
Asia and the Pacific, Oceania, Polynesia, Small Island Developing States, South Pacific

All waterworks and water supply constructed prior to the coming into force of this Act shall be treated as if constructed under the relevant provisions of this Act and become subject thereto accordingly. The Right to use water to produce electricity is vested in the Government (sect. 5). The Head of State may purchase or take rights for purposes of generation of electricity or water supply under pursuant to section 6, whereas he/she may grant the right to use water from any river, stream, lake or pool for the purpose of generating electricity or for the purpose of supplying water for domestic, agricultural, pastoral, industrial or commercial uses under section 7. The Head of State may appoint Water Supply Committees under section 8. The Director or the Water Supply Committee of a community may prepare a scheme plan for the construction, extension or enlarging of a water supply for that community (sect. 13). Subject to the provisions of this Act and to any rights lawfully held as at the 12th day of April 1928, a Water Supply Committee may take water from any river, stream, lake or pool to the extent authorized by any grant under section 7 of this Act. Water Supply Committee may levy water rates pursuant to section 17. The Director of Works may construct waterworks in accordance with section 33. - Every person who throws or pours any pollutant, or suffers or allows any pollutant to fall or flow, into any water or watershed being a part of or taken or used for supplying water to any waterworks commits an offence. Minister may prohibit cutting of bush or cultivation (sect. 48). The Head of State may issue water supply regulations under section 55.

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Implemented by

North Upolo Supply Regulations, 1966.

Legislation | Samoa | 1966

Keyword: Water supply, Authorization/permit, Inspection


Repealed by

Water Resources Management Act 2008.

Legislation | Samoa | 2008

Keyword: Marine pollution, Basic legislation, Surface water, Groundwater, Institution, Water supply, Policy/planning, Water rights, Freshwater pollution, Water charges, Basin/catchment/watershed, Precautionary principle, Well sinking/boreholes, Offences/penalties, Pollution control, Inland waters