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Waste Management (Collection Permit) (Amendment) Regulations 2016 (S.I. No. 24 of 2016).

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Food & nutrition, Waste & hazardous substances
Food waste Waste management Waste disposal Recycling/reuse Waste domestic sources Organic waste Environmental fees/charges Offences/penalties
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Atlantic Ocean Islands, Europe, Europe and Central Asia, European Union Countries, North Atlantic, North-East Atlantic, Northern Europe

These Regulations amend the Waste Management (Collection Permit) Regulations 2007 to give effect to national waste policy regarding the regulation of the collection of household waste. Primarily, the Regulations provide for introduction of pay by weight charging for the collection of household waste, but they also introduce a definition of “food waste”, “bio-waste” and " recyclable household kerbside waste” and other new defintions and provide with respect to collection of such waste. The nominated authority shall attach to each waste collection permit that may be granted by it such conditions as are in the reasonable opinion of the nominated authority, necessary to, among other things: (a) give effect to the objectives of the relevant waste management plans or the National Hazardous Waste Management Plan as the case may be, and which are stated to be necessary by a local authority or the Agency in accordance with articles 11(4), 13(5) or 27(1), (b) to give effect to the segregation, separation, storage and collection of waste food in accordance with the Waste Management (Food Waste) Regulations 2009 as amended, and food waste, and as the case may be, bio-waste, in accordance with the European Union (Household Food Waste and BioWaste) Regulations 2015, (c) ensure that the best overall environmental outcome is achieved through waste prevention and management activities in accordance with the waste hierarchy and section 21A of the Waste Management Act, 1996.

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Waste Management (Collection Permit) Regulations, 2007 (S.I. No. 820 of 2007).

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