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Standards Act, 2005 (No. 18 of 2005).

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Document type
1992 (2007)
Long title
An Act to provide for the preparation and promotion of standards in relation to goods, services, processes and practices by the establishment and operation of a Bureau of Standards, to define the powers and functions of the Bureau of Standards, and for matters incidental thereto.
Food & nutrition, General
Framework law Standards Institution Certification Packaging/labelling
Geographical area
Americas, Caribbean, Latin America and the Caribbean, Small Island Developing States

This Act establishes the Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Bureau of Standards and the National Standards Council and provides with respect to the declaration and publication of standards and related matters. The Bureau shall be the national standards body and the Council shall be responsible for the general administration of the affairs of and the determination of policy guidelines for the Bureau of Standards. A Standard may be voluntary or compulsory. Generally, standards shall be declared by the Bureau, but compulsory standards shall be declared by the Minister. For example, standards concerning public health, consumer protection, and environmental protection may be compulsory standards. For the purpose of monitoring compulsory standards or eliminating any process or practice the effect of which adversely affects the environment, the Minister may, on the advice of the Bureau, designate employees of the Bureau or public officers to be inspectors and shall provide every inspector with documentary evidence of his designation.

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