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Resolution No. 191 of 20 December 1997 the Revolution Command Council establishing the State Enterprise for Horticulture and Forests.

Document type
Forestry, Cultivated plants
Institution Afforestation/reforestation Contract/agreement Policy/planning Research Planting material/seeds Forest management/forest conservation Plant production Vegetables/legumes Classification/declassification Floriculture
Geographical area
Middle East, NEAR EAST AND NORTH AFRICA, Persian Gulf, Western Asia
Entry into force notes
From 1 January 1998

Establishing the State Enterprise for Horticulture and Forests connected with the Ministry of Agriculture enjoying the jurist personality and the financial and administrative independence. The Enterprise aims at putting the plans required to develop the activities of horticulture and forests in the country by the following: making researches and studies to define classes of trees and shrubs of high productivity; leading in and extracting new scions from the trees and shrubs of the horticulture and forests; developing seeds and improvement methods to cultivate trees and shrubs; defining the technical requirements to cultivate classes of different vegetables and plants horticulture and forests for the sake of applying same by the farmers as well as defining the better exploitation for the unit of area in scope of horticulture and forests. The Enterprise has the right to conclude contract with the private sector to execute the following tasks under its supervision and directive: exploiting the artificial existing gardens and forests: producing nursery plants; producing seeds and nursery of the local classes; producing the olive oily nursery plants; establishing original mother gardens for the rare and very good classes of palm trees; afforestation of Barren lands allocated for artificial forests as well as afforestation the desert oases and cultivating storms confrontations. The Enterprise shall be directed by Boards of Directors formed by an order of the Minister of Agriculture. The Board of Directors shall undertake the following: drawing the policies of the Enterprise; discussing and deciding project of the annual budget; studying proposals and reports pertaining to develop and enlarge the activity of the Enterprise; deciding contract forms, wages and conditions as well as taking the financial and administrative decisions. The financial sources of the Enterprise are revenues of contracts; revenues coming from the direct activities; from gifts and from assets and allocations. The Enterprise shall be subject to the Diwan of Financial Control. The General Body for Horticulture and Forests mentioned in Article 4 of Law No. 7 of 1993 of the Ministry of Agriculture is now abrogated.

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